John Hardy-Revolutionary War soldier

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John Hardy and Ann Williams

DAR membership based on an application using John Hardy 1740 Isle of Wright birth and service in the Revolution for 4 years. Blaire Elizabeth Aldridge has been approved thru John Hardy´s son Robert Hardy b. abt. 1782 Mechlenburgh VA , Robert's son William Allen Lansing Hardy born 1827 Lowndes AL, Wiliiam A. L.'s son Stephen Ransom Hardy b October 30, 1865 Coosa Co AL , Stephen's daughter Etta Caladonia Hardy b February 27,1894 Talledega Springs one mile north of the Coosa Co. line. Etta´s mother´s people the Mehergs lived in Horse Stomp Community, on Meherg Branch Stream in Weofluga Forest north of Rockford.

DAR HQ says Blaire Aldridge was passed by the October board 2006 and her national number is 846916 which you may use as an add on number from where ever you branch off. Copies of previously verified DAR membership applications (record copies) can be ordered for $10 from the Library Copy Services Office. Please note, record copies only consist of the application, and not copies of the supporting documentation that originally accompanied it which I will be adding here. Our original documentation is on file at DAR and you only need documentation where you branch off before Blaire's line. We are the first to prove Robert Hardy as son of this John Hardy. DAR used to think the Dinwiddie VA John Hardy was the Mechlenburg/Lunenburg John Hardy. 1st Regiment of VA under Capt. William Hoffler, and Col. George Gibson. They came from the same area as he did. His enlistment date under Hoffler was March 1, 1777. The enlistment dates for the two services overlap. He can't be in two places at once. The VA enlistment on March 1, 1777 was for three years. He enlisted again in the 1st regiment in April of 1781 under Charles Yarborough and William Parsons. John Hardy from Mecklenburg County is also on a list for Public Claims, which can qualify for Patriotic Service too.

I believe Blaire Aldridge is the first to be proven for this John Hardy of Mechlenburg/ Lunenburg/ Isle of Wight. It had been previously been based the service of John Hardy of Dinwiddie confusing the two. Our John was in the 1st Regiment of VA under Capt. William Hoffler, and Col. George Gibson. They came from the same area as he did. His enlistment date under Hoffler was March 1, 1777. The enlistment dates for the Dinwiddei John Hardy overlap with John Hardy of Mecklenburg/Isle of Wight. He can't be in two places at once. The VA enlistment on March 1, 1777 was for three years. I believe he enlisted for 6 months before that in 1776 as well as the proven 3 year March 1, 1777 under Hoffler, and again in the 1st regiment in April of 1781 under Charles Yarborough and William Parsons. John Hardy from Mecklenburg County is also on a list for Public Claims, which can qualify for Patriotic Service too. His source for the March 1, 1777 service is in the national Archives Compiled Military Service Record, group M881. If you want a copy, you can order it off the National Archives website.

John Hardy ended up in Mechlenburg Co VA after Isle of Wight was cut off to form Brunswick which was cut off to form Lunenburg which was cut off to form Mecklenburg. Then a part of Brunswick which still remained got cut off to form Greenville where John Hardy's brother Richard probably lived. Richard's father was probably still back at the old place in Isle of Wight's lower southwestern corner with John and Richard not very far away inside the other counties which had formed. It is right next to Lunenburg Co.. As an adult, John Hardy married Ann Williams in Lunenburg Co. and bought land in the Hounds Creek area about 1765. After the Rev. War about April of 1784 to above where Hamburg eventually developed . It is town in Edgefield County which no longer exists and was called New Hampton above another town which also has ceased to exist called Campbellton, near Old Augusta Road, Old 96th District in South Carolina. See 1817 map below.

John Hardy gives Mechlenburg and Isle of Wight as residence in the military. His son Daniel Hardy claims his birth to be Mecklenburg on his tombstone.

1732 Brunswick gained from Isle of Wight.
1745 Lunenburg taken from Brunswick
1752 Halifax taken from Lunenburg
1754 Bedford from Lunenburg
1764 Charlotte and Mecklenburg taken from Lunenburg
1780 Greenville taken from Brunswick and Suxxex

John Hardy acquired land, perhaps thru his wife Ann Williams inheritance, in Lunenburg VA where Ann's father Richard Williams lived. Richard died Dec. 1769 after he wrote and signed his will in October 1769 in Lunenburg in which he names John Hardy as the husband of his daughter Ann. The 1773 marriage date for them which was published in the Stella Picket Hardy book is incorrect. Ann was married before October 1769, and it could have been a couple years before. John and Ann probably had more children than the names given in the will but they had died by 1794 when the will was probably written.
Hardy, John
State: VA
County: Mecklenburg Co.
Page #: 33
Census/Enumeration year: 1782
Age ranges in household: 05-00 (John, Ann, Richard, Sarah, Mary)
Ann´s father RICHARD WILLIAMS was born on 11 Mar 1717 at Isle of Wight, Virginia, married Agness Allen, daughter of Robert Allen and wife Elizabeth. Richard died on 24 Dec 1769 at Lunenburg, Virginia, at age 52. I will include Richard William's will, Robert Allen's will, as well as that of John Hardy and Robert Hardy. Part of the bequests of Richard Williams in his wife Agness´s allotmemt later going to the children of his daughter ANN HARDY: Sarah Cunningham [husband was Joseph], Richard Hardy, Mary Anderson [husband was Allen Anderson], Daniel Hardy, Robert Hardy, Covington Hardy, John Hardy, and William Hardy. (In Lunenburg Co, VA Will Book 6, 1802-1809). Agnes died about 1825 in VA, naming the 8 children of John and Ann.

Estate of Daniel Williams, Lunenburg County, Virginia recorded 12 Jan 1804 naming
Agnes Williams [his mother]; Lucy Walker [his sister]; Martha Smithson [his sister]; Chas Love & wife Susannah [Susannah, his sister]; Orphans of Nicholas Williams now Elizabeth Wyatt; William Williams; John L Williams, and children of ANN HARDY, DECD.: Joseph Cunningham & wife Sarah; Richard Hardy; Allen Anderson & wife Mary; Daniel Hardy; Robert Hardy; Covington Hardy; John Hardy; William Hardy; Eldred Williams; John Ragsdale & wife Patience; Rennison Tisdale and wife Mary.

Lunenburg Co.Will Book 2 (1760-17778) page 347
"I, Richard Williams of Lunenburg, planter
"To my son Nicholas Williams- that half of my land which lies off from the Reedy Creek and up my great branch, which shall be a deviding line bounded by Hamlin, my brother Lazarus Williams. If Nicholas shall die without lawful issue, then the land to revert to my son Eldred Williams. If Eldred also dies without lawful issue, then the land goes to my son William Williams. I also give Nicholas (immediately) 2 cows and calves, a heifer, 1 gray colt, 2 breeding cows and lambs, 1 good feather bed and furniture, & 1 saddle & bridle, and I lend him my Negro boy called Sam, which he has now in possession until my youngest daughter comes to the age of 18 years or marries.
"To my son Daniel Williams (when he comes to the age of 21)- 2 cows and a heifer, a young horse or mare fit for use, 2 breeding sows, 2 ewes & lambs, 1 good feather bed and furniture, and 1 saddle & bridle. I also lend him my Negro boy called Ned until my youngest daughter is 18 years old. I also give Daniel the other half of my land which lies on Reedy Creek whereon my plantation now is. If Daniel dies without lawful issue, the land reverts to my son William. If William also dies without lawful issue, the land to go to my son Eldred WIlliams.
"To my son Eldred Williams - 50 Pounds in lieu of land. But if, by the death of my elder son Nicholas, Eldred should enjoy his land, then the 50 Pounds shall return tomy son William. I also give Eldred (when he comes of the age of 21 years) 2 cows and calves,a heifer, a young horse or mare fir for use, 2 breeding sows, 2 ewes and lambs, 1 good feather bed and furniture, & 1 saddle and bridle. I also lend him one Negro (chosen by my executors) until my youngest daughter is 18 yeras old or marries.
"To my son William Williams - 50 Pounds in lieu of land. But if, by the death of my son Daniel, William should enjoy his land, then the 50 L shall return to my son Eldred. I also give William (when he comes to the ahe of 21 years) 2 cows and calves, a heifer, a young horse or mare fir for use, 2 breeding sows, 2 ewes and lambs, 1 good feather bed & furniture, & 1 saddle & bridle. I also lend him 1 Negro (chosen by my executors) until my youngest daughter is 18 years old or marries.
"To my daughter Ann- I have given to my daughter Ann on her marriage with John Hardy, as much of my estate as I shall give to either of my daughters. I lend her 1 Negro girl named Judith until my youngest daughter is 18 years old or marries.
" To my daughter Lucy Williams (at age 18 or marriage) - 1 Cow & calf, a heifer. 2 ewes & lambs, 1 good feather bed & furniture, 1 woman´s saddle & bridle, which she now has in possession, and 1 large pewter basin. I also lend her Negro boy Moses until my youngest daughter is 18 years old or marries.
"To my daughters Susannah Williams and Patience Williams and Martha Williams, to be delivered when they come to the age of 18 years or marry- to each, 1 cow & calf, 2 heifers, 2 ewes & lambs, 1 good feather bed & furniture, & 1 woman´s saddle & bridle, 1 large pewter basis. Also I lend my daughter Susannah, Patience, Martha, to each a Negro until my youngest daughter is 18 years old or marries.
"To my wife Agness - I lend a child´s part of my Negroes during her life.
"The reat of my Negroes to be equally devided between all my children. If one of my sons dies without lawful issue after the devision of the negroes, such deceased son´s moveable estate to be equally devided between the surviving sons. If a daughter dies after the devision, such deceased daughter´s estate to be equally devided between the survivng daughters.
"To my wife Agness - the use of my plantation, with all the improvements, together with land sufficient for her maintenance for herself & children. I also lend her, during her life, the rest of my estate, except a reasonable part of the plantation & improvements when my son Daniel comes of age. After the death of my wife, my will is that the rest of my estate is to be equally devided between all my children.
"It is my will that the courst shall have nothing to do with my will but to order it on the records.
"Executors: my son Nicholas Williams and my son-in-law John Hardy.
"Signed Oct 1 1769 - Richard Williams. Wit - Thos Edwards, Zachariah Davis, Lazarus Williams, Ben Williams, Isaac Williams.
"At Lunenburg Court of May 10, 1770, the will of Richard Williams dec´d was exibited in court by Nicholas Williams, one of the executors, proved by the oaths of 3 of the witnesses, and OR. Said executor was granted a cetificate for obtaining a probate; Thomas Edwards and Thomas Tabb, Gent, were his securities. John Hardy, the other executor, refused here in court to join in the probate."
In March 1784 in Caswell County, North Carolina Robert Allen, father of Agnes Allen, died. He had lived in St. Pauls Parish, Hanover Co and later Goochland Co. Robert and Drury Allen were not in the records of St. Paul's Vestry Book after 1743. The loss of most of the deed records for Hanover County makes it impossible to determine when and to whom the two brothers sold their lands in that county. Records for Robert and Drury Allen were found in the newly formed Lunenburg County, Virginia, in 1746, along with records of many other families from Hanover County. Robert and Drury Allen lived in Lydall Bacon's District (Reedy Church area) of Lunenburg County for several years. Robert had a land grant in that county in 1755, but on January 20, 1757, he was called "Robert Allen of Amelia County, Virginia." Robert bought and sold several tracts of land in Amelia County, Virginia; then he moved to Granville County, North Carolina, in 1762.
This was his will
Robert Allen born 1703 St. Peter's Parish, in New Kent, Virginia and died March 1784 in Caswell County, North Carolina
" Will of Robert Allen, June 9, 1782, proved March 10, 1784, Caswell County, NC. After all just debts are paid, all movable esteate to my wife Hanah during her life or widowhood; likewise land to my wife with maintenance during her life and the girl named Charlotte to Luce McKissack, wife of Thomas McKissack at my wife's death. I give to Josiah Allen, the son of Drury Allen, my grandson, the land and plantation whereon I now live, with two negro children named James and Abbegal. My grandson Josiah, above mentioned to have 242 acres with the aforesaid plantation and the remainder to my son, Drury Allen, wit the part he now lives on, with a negro man named Charles. I likewise give to my grandson Josiah two cows and calves, my riding horse, and a bridle and saddle. I likewise give to my daughter, Elizabeth Hudson, one of the beds and furniture what belongs with it. One bed and furniture that belongs with it....(illegible). As to remaining parts of my cattle sheep, hogs, and horses to Drury Allen. ....(illegible)....of the concern and family ....(illegible)I leave to my daughter Agnes Williams. I desire that the negro boy named Pete be left in care of Drury Allen till the present troubles of America be settled and then to be given to Sarah Moody. Said Drury Allen is to run no rest of the boy's life nor the sons of the boy any way. Said Moody to pay at the time of delivery of the boy all the back taxes. I desire that Thomas McKissack pay the taxes of the within negro girl from the time of my decease till he takes her away and I desire the wench named Dadens to be given to my daughter Agnes at the decease or marriage of my wife Hannah Allen. I give to my son Drury Allen the smith tools and all belonging thereunto. Likewise, I give my daughter Elizabeth Hudson my large Bible. To Drury Allen all my lumber movables to be left to my grandson Josiah at the decease of my wife. I do constitute and appoint Drury Allen and Josiah Allen my executors of my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the ninth day of June in the year of our lord 1782. Witnessed by: Thomas Calmet, Jr., JosiahAllen, D. Allen, Drury Allen. Proved in open court, State of NC, County of Casewell, 10 March 1784. "(Book B, Folio 22.)

Where the Hardys lived in Granville/Old 96th /Edgefield District in what was called "Carolina" back then was founded by a Virginian and was called New Hampton, north of Campbellton, both of which no longer exist. I read this in a history book in a library in Aiken SC when I visited this summer and found the towns on some old maps in the library history department. Click on the map images left to enlarge. John Hardy came down and bought land there after the Revolution ended. He also fought in the war and may have served in SC and had seen the country and liked it. At any rate the Covington cousins were already in Old Ninety-Sixth District (Abbeville and Edgefield) by 1779 and helped them find land. Many men had been killed and Tories had land confiscated so that land was available cheaply.

"James Brewer to JOHN HARDY, lease 13 Mar 1784 between James Brewer of Ninety Six District, SC and JOHN HARDY of Lunenburg Co, VA 350 acres. The property was bound by Evan Morgan, Peter Day and vacant land."

Witnesses -William Covington, Junior; Joseph Covington and John Covington. (Charleston, SC, Office of Mesne Conveyance, Book Y-5, p216).

1790 census in New Richmond, Edgefield, SC
John Hardy probably has his oldest son Richard living with him. William Williams, Ann's brother, lives next door. John's brother Richard Hardy married Martha Molly Mathews, There is a John Mathews living near John and I was curious if he may have been related to Molly. Although I believe this John Mathews was born in NC. Like John Hardy he fought in the Revolution-

Source: "South Carolina Patriots in the American Revolution", Bobby GilmerMoss, Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc., Baltimore, 1983, P 664 - "John Mathews b. Burke County, N. C. He enlisted during 1779, while
residing in Edgefield District, under Capt. John Ryan and Col. LeRoy Hammond. In addition, he was also under Capt. Richard Jones and Col. Hammond and was in an engagement with Tories on the Edisto. Next, he was under Capt. John Carter and was in the siege of Augusta. He continued to served under Carter and Hammond until the end of the war."The Covingtons were Lunenburg Virginians and so was John Hardy. The Covingtons lived south of Campbellton SC near Augusta, GA.  1800 Jemima Hardy in Edgefield. She was married in NC to John Croom Hardy son Of "Lamb" Lemuel Hardy.

1790 Edgefield SC image 2
John Hardy (brother Richard has his own place in the Saluda area of Edgefield)
2 free white males -John and son Richard, as well as sons Daniel 1777, Robert 1782, John Jr 1788, William 1785
4 females -wife Ann, Mary, Sarah Ann, unknown female
3 other free persons
9 slaves
They live next door to Enos Morgan, son of Evan Morgan and Olive Newsome and next to William Williams, Ann's brother, a single man.

Ann Hardy died after November of 1793 and before January 1794. John Hardy had died by the January court term 1799 Edgefield District, SC, having remarried to Sarah Ingram after the death of Ann Williams who was still alive November 11, 1793 when she signed court papers as a witness in Edgefield. By the way Sarah Ingram was either a widow of an unidentified Ingram in the vicinity or was divorced from John Ingram who died in 1828 in Georgia who everyone claims is her husband. 

Sarah's child Thomas Ingram b ca 1782 VA was found in the 1850 census, not so far from his step brother Robert´s children. Robert was also born ca 1782 Virginia and died in 1843.  One descendant has that his son Robert W. born August 1853 may have been Robert Walter Hardy. No proof.

5 Feb 1784 - JOHN HARDY of Lunenburg conveyed 784 acres to Wm Doswell of Amelia Co adjoining south fork of Hounds Creek. ANN (wife of Hardy) released her dower right. (Lunenburg Co, VA Deed Book 14, p100)

James Brewer to JOHN HARDY, lease 13 Mar 1784 between James Brewer of Ninety Six District, SC and JOHN HARDY of Lunenburg Co, VA 350 acres. The property was bound by Evan Morgan, Peter Day and vacant land (Morgan and Day are known Edgefield residents) Witnesses were William Covington, Junior; Joseph Covington and John Covington. (Charleston, SC, Office of Mesne Conveyance, Book Y-5, p216).The Hardy´s lived on Big Stevens Creek and Sweetwater Branch. Big Steven´s Creek comes in from the Savannah River just above the Aiken-Edgefield county line and divides McCormick County from Edgefield County, so you can expect multiple marriages between these two counties. The Creek may have been named after Moses Stevens / Stephens who moved to Wilkes Co GA across the river from SC. He was from SC and the area where he lived in Wilkes was called Stephens Creek and it became part of Greene Co. and then Tallifero Co eventually.   Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Steven´s Creek on the SC side:

Steven's Creek Heritage Preserve is a park which is managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. It covers 434 acres in McCormick County and Edgefield County, and was established to protect rare animal and plant species. Webster's salamander and Miccosukee gooseberry are among the species which have few populations outside the preserve. The nearest population center is Clarks Hill, about two road miles to the southwest.
The site was discovered in 1957 by Albert E. Radford of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He noticed exceptional diversity in the tree, shrub and herb layers, and documented six plant species which had been unknown in South Carolina up to that time. Another five species were known from only one other South Carolina location. Many of these rare species were plentiful at the site, and remain prominent there today. A remarkable feature of this plant community is that a palmetto, Sabal minor, occurs near northern inland wildflowers such as Asarum canadense. Four trillium species are also present.
Soils of the preserve were found to be atypical for South Carolina. Most of the state's soils are acidic with pH near or below 5. But some topsoils in the preserve had pH readings near 7 -- neutral on the scale. This is more typical of base-rich sites in Appalachian coves and the Midwest, where many plants rare to South Carolina are abundant.
Reference-Albert E. Radford (1959). A Relict Plant Community in South Carolina. Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Society 75: 33-34
Ann Williams´ brother lived next to them in Edgefield in 1790- Willliam Williams. When his father died n 1769 he was not yet 21, born sometime after 1747. The Covingtons were John Hardy´s cousins thru his mother Mary Covington. How, I cannot say.
William Covington Sr. born 1720 in Amelia Co Va sold his VA land in 1772. His will is dated 1785 and he died 7 Mar 1789 Edgefield SC. He had moved to Edgefield Co SC by 1779 where a daughter lived according to family lore. She married 2nd to Charles Old.
Children of William Covington Sr
1. Joseph Covington b: 1750 lived in Edgefield SC (Old 96th) in 1779
2. William Covington Jr. b: 1753 married Phoebe Old in Edgefield SC (Old 96th) in 1779 died 1 Jul 1816
3. John Covington b:1755 in Amelia Co VA - in Edgefield SC (Old 96th) in 1784
4. Mary Covington b: 1757 married Blackwell?
5. Rosamund Covington b:1759 married Minton?
6. Amey Covington b: 1761 married 1st Christopher SAUAGE Savage/Sauvage? 2nd Charles Old/Olds in Edgefield SC (Old 96th) in 1801 (named after her supposed mother Amy St. John ?)

William Covington Jr was a friend and kin of John Hardy and Ann Williams already living in Old 96th by 1779 with his father and brother. John Hardy and family probably stayed with him when the came down from VA. He may have met Phoebe Old if and when the Olds came with the Hardys from VA.

Later- names on same page in 1830 Montgomery AL census all in a row in middle of page
Thomas Dunn 20-30
Arthur Taylor 50-60
John Works 30-40
David Covington 30-40 (b. 1795 in Lincoln, GA to a William Covington and Molly Wall)
John Browning 60-70 (1760-1770) 1767
Daniel Browning 30-40 (!790-1791)
William Hardy 2 boys 15-20, male 40-50 (Robert's brother b. April 23, 1785, (Old 96th) Edgefield District, SC ), 2 girls under 5, 2 girls under 10, 2 girls 10 and under 15 1 female 40-50
Robert Hardy married Jul 31, 1823 4 males under 5 (unknown male 1824, John B. Hardy 1825 SC William Allen Lansing Hardy-our relation-b.1827 Robert W. Hardy b.1829) 1 male 40-50, female 30-40 (she was really 25)
Michael Bozeman 20-30

It could be John Hardy was living in SC before 1784 because one set of his Military papers mention Edgefield, SC but I have never seen these papers about the 5th:

"John Hardy, 5th South Carolina Regiment, Revolutionary War, copied from Rolls of the organization named above. Date of enlistment April 3, 1776, discharged May 30, 1777, Corpl May 20, 1776."
Military Enlist date:
3 Apr 1776
Mechlenburg Co., VirginiaResidence:
Edgefield District, South Carolina
Military Service:
5th South Carolina Regiment of the Revolutionary War ( I have not been able to verify this )

Military Service in the First Regment:

for 3 years starting 30 May 1777
Discharged 1780 as a Corporal from May 20, 1776

Daniel HARDY was born 3 January, 1777 in Mecklenburg,VA nine months after his father enlisted
3 April, 1776 in Mechlenburgh. John Hardy also re enlisted 1781, so he was actually in the war for quite a long time, explaining the absence of children born between Daniel 1777 and Robert 1782-1783.

The 1st Regiment was used to support the Continental Line in Virginia. I don't know if it means the soldiers of the first supported them while the Continental Line was in Virginia or if men from the 1st were attached to the Continental line for specific reasons and traveled with them to various places. However, this could mean that John Hardy did go to South Carolina during this time and would explain why he didn't have a service record with the Continental line. The enlistment we found was for three years which his certificate says he completed. That would mean his enlistment was up in 1780 and I believe he rejoined in 1781 and served until the end of the war under Capt William Parsons could be added to the application. William Parsons was from Goochland County which is above Lunenburg/Mecklenburg. Given the way that counties formed and reformed I think the above service would be very reasonable for John Hardy to have had. This would also help cement the fact that he moved to Lunenburg/Mecklenburg area. FYI, William Parsons also moved to SC where he died.
The wrong John Hardy:
There is another John Hardy from Dinwiddie Co VA who fought in the Rev. in SC.. He was later applying for pension from Rush Co., Indiana and had a son named Henry who had a son named Summers who was a lawyer and whose letters are at HeritageQuest. It looks like Summers DAR membership was established on the wrong John Hardy soldier (ours), although his own John Hardy was indeed in the war and had a very hard time as POW in Charleston.  The John Hardy of Dinwiddie Co VA had a son named Henry and the DAR has finally straightened that out, no longer accepting Henry as a son of the Edgefield SC John Hardy. This is his service:

Letter from Heather Kramer of DAR
"Hi Susan,
"They already know about the different John Hardy's at DAR headquarters. When I called to find out John Hardy's source for service the co-worker of mine told me that there was a son that had been incorrectly given to your John Hardy and his name was Henry, but they have them correctly listed now. The other John Hardy enlisted in Dinwiddie County, VA and was sent to Long Island and crossed the Delaware with Washington and then back to Virignia and then to South Carolina in 1780 for the Battle of Hanging Rock. He is proved to be in the 1st Regiment of VA under Capt. William Hoffler, and Col. George Gibson, although he had not mentioned them in his sworn statement. They came from the same area as he did. His enlistment date under Hoffler was March 1, 1777. He was under Buford and was a POW..."The 5th South Carolina Regiment was raised on February 22, 1776 at Charleston, South Carolina for service with the Continental Army. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Savannah.
*Authorized 22 February 1776 in the South Carolina State Troops as the 5th South Carolina Regiment.
*Organized in spring 1776 at Charleston to consist of seven companies from eastern and northern South Carolina.
*Adopted 25 March 1776 into the Continental Army and assigned to the Southern Department.
*Assigned 23 November 1776 to the 2d South Carolina Brigade, an element of the Southern Department.

HARDY, John, Patriot Troops, Commander Elijah Clark, 9/25/1779, Battle of Kettle Creek, Augusta GA (across from Edgefield), Camden Seige of '96 DAR National Numbers: 102848, 284769, 284770 I show it because the battle was near where our John Hardy eventually came to live.
Battle of Kettle Creek Map


Carol Hardy Bryan of Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society has published some work on the Hardy family in Quill in 2003-2004. Phone: 803-637-4010. This Society for its size has done more than any other in SC to preserve local history.
By the way, John Hardy's father as Richard Hardy is questioned by Carol Hardy Bryan.

The EARLIEST the John Hardy b 1740 Will could have been written was January 2, 1794, since Daniel is under age in the will and his birthday was January 3, 1777. So add 18 years to that, but in Ann's father's will the boys are considered of age at 21, so it is possible that John wrote the will just before he died sometime after January 1798. Ann Williams was still alive November 11, 1793. The sheets below were sent to me by family years ago. There is a false marriage date of 1773 for Ann Williams to John Hardy. They were actually married before October 1769 -proof of that is in Ann´s father´s October 1769 signed will where she and John Hardy are mentioned.

Children of John Hardy and Ann Williams in red.

1. Sarah "Sallie" HARDY Sarah was a first born child ca 1767 and married Joseph Cunningham Jr. and they lived near Callaham Mill. I think he was the son of Joseph Cunningham b abt 1745 Ireland, arrived Jan. 5, 1771 on the "Hopewell" at Charleston, SC,. Joseph arrived with his bother James who petitioned for 150 acres of land Jan. 17, 1771. Joseph applied for 250 acres of land Jan. 17, 1771. (Source: Governor's Council Chamber Records, 148, 250 acres in Colleton County on a branch called Powells Bran.) James Cunningham married Agnes McCurdey of Abbeville northwest of Stephens Creek. James died between 1790 and Dec 22, 1798 after which Joseph married Agnes McCurdey-his brother`s widow. Joseph´s first wife is unknown. Joseph died about 1804 and the widow of both men died about 1807 - Agnes leaving 2 sons by James-Thomas and John R..

Joseph Jr. s brother John Cunningham b ca 1771 in SC married Polly. John died 8 July 1799 in Edgefield, several years before his father, but John is mentioned in his father´s will which he wrote Dec. 22nd, 1798 before his son John died. Polly had had 2 children by husband John Cunningham -William and Catherine "Caty" Cunningham (who married Arthur Tinsley 22 June 1815 Edgefield, son of John b ca 1769 of Pendleton District). Polly claimed the Cunninghams treated her very badly at John´s death -that they were cruel. Polly quickly remarried David W. Thompson 4 December 1800 (probably to protect her children) and she had 3 more children. Polly died 22 October 1810 probably in childbirth. The 2 Cunningham children were taken out of the Thompson house by Joseph Cunningham Jr. after Polly´s death without Thompson´s permission and knowledge. David W. Thompson died about 1815. Joseph Cunningham sued him to get the slaves belonging to the children.

Joseph Cunningham Sr.´s will:
From "McCurdy Footprints" by Lorene Taylor Gaines:
Will of Joseph Cunningham
Edgefield County, South Carolina
Be it known to all whom it may concern, that I Joseph Cunningham
of the State of South Carolina, Edgefield County, Being sick and
weak in body,but of perfect mind and memory and calling to mind
my mortality, knowing that it is appointed unto all men once to do,
Do commit my soul into the hands of God who gave it, And my body
to the dust be entered in a decent manner. ---- And as to such
worldly property as it hath pleased God to bless me with, I will and
dispose of al follows - Viz. 1st I positively will and order that my
Lawful debts Be paid.
- 2. I will to Agness my beloved wife, my negroe fellow named Sam,
Said negroe to be at her command during her lifetime, and at her
decease to be the property of my son Joseph, Also my negro Wench
named Sook to be at the disposal of Agness, my wife, through life,
and at her death to be left to which ever of her children she may
think most proper, Also all my Lands which Ipossess in Edgefield
County, I leave to Agness my wife during her life,and at her death
be the property of my Son Joseph.
- 3. Also I will to Jannet, my Daughter, five pounds in cash.
- 4. Also I will to my Son John a tract of land lying in Pendleton
County, Also a note of four guineas upon William Melton. -
- 5. Also I will to my Daughter Mary one bay mare named Pigeon,
saddle and bridle, and two cows and calves, also fifteen pounds in
cash. Said property to her use and the heirs of her body.
-6. Also, I will to my Daughter Nancy and the heirs of her body,
one black gelding named white foot, saddle and bridle, two cows and calves, Also
fifteen pounds cash.
- 7. Also I will to my Daughter Sally, one bay mare named Cate,
saddle and bridle, two cows and claves, and fifteen pounds in cash.
- 8. One grey mare named Tib, two cows and calves, to my Son
- 9. and lastly all the remainder of my live property -plantation tools
and household furniture, I will to my wife Agness, - and I do appoint
Agness my wife, Joseph my Son, and Polly my Daughter, as
Sole Executors of this my last will and testament - and I do hereby
revoke and disannul all wills by me before this time made, Decr. 22nd,
Signed and Sealed } his
in the presence of us } Joseph X Cunningham
Nathan Lusk } mark
Higdon Boudaum }
William Ham }
Inventory of the estate of Joseph Cunningham Dec'd, was dated Jan. 27,
1804 valued at $1,988.87 - 1/2. Land and buildings not included in

Agnes McCurdey Will:

From "McCurdy Footprints" by Lorene Taylor Gaines:
Will of Agness Cunningham
Nov. 27, 1807
State of South Carolina } I Agness Cunningham
Abbeville District } of the State & District
being of sound mind and memory & calling to mind the Mortality of life,
I make & ordain this my Last will & Testament in manner & form as follows
Viz) First I give my Soul to God My Maker. 2. I will that all my debts be paid & ???? out of my estate -
3. I give and bequeath to my grandson, John Cunningham Balis, one Horse
to be worth Seventy five Dollars also a new Saddle & Bridle - The Ballance of my property I desire to be Equaly divided between my two sons Namely) Thomas & John R. Cunningham, admiting John to have two Hundred Dollars more than Thos -- I also make & Ordain John Jones junr and and Jeremiah S? Terry to be my Executor.
Signed Sealed & Acknoledged in presents of
Witnefs Present } in the year of our Lord one
} thousand Eight hundred &
Benja Terry } Seven & Twenty Eight of Nov.
Saml. Youngs her
Margaret Calhoun Agnefs X Cunningham SEAL
Edgefield County, South Carolina, Box 25, Pkg. 1314
1790 Edgefield
Cunningham, Jos.
2 Free white males of 16 years and upward
1 Free white male under 16 years
2 Free white females
0 other free persons
1 slave

Hardy, John
2 Free white males of 16 years and upward (John and son Richard)
4 Free white male under 16 years (sons Daniel, Robert, William, John)
3 Free white females (wife Ann William, daughters Mary and Sarah)
0 other free persons
9 slaves (Rose, Dan, Adam, Hannah, Milly, Jude, Silvie, ?, ?)
CUNNINGHAM, Agnis           162     11000-01001-01
CUNNINGHAM, Joseph          180     01001-01201-03
0 males under 10 years of age
1(between 10 to 16 years)
0 between 16 to 26 years
0 males between 26 to 45 years
1 male over 45 (Joseph)
0 females under 10 yea
1 females between 10 to 16 years
2 females between 16 to 26 year (Sarah and ?)
0 females between 26 to 45 years
1 females over 45 year
0 other free person
3 slaves

Children of Sarah Hardy and Joseph Cunningham
Sarah died 5 may 1841-she willed money to the Big Stevens Creek Church
About 8 mi. NW of North Augusta on SC 230, North Augusta  
(Joseph Cunningham Will 22 Aug 1828):
1. William CUNNINGHAM b ca 1795 died before May 1841 with no known issue.
Margaret Estelle CUNNINGHAM b: 23 Jul 1797 married Elihi Cartledge who was kept from having access to her inheritance in 1828 by giving it to the care of sons in laws Samuel Cartledge and William Robertson.
Sarah A. CUNNINGHAM b: 23 Mar 1807 in Edgefield, South Carolina died 18 MAY 1871 married Samuel Cartledge Jr. Buried Cunningham Cem, Parksville, McCormick, SC.
4. James CUNNINGHAM b: 1815 in South Carolina ("idiot" in 1850 census) with no issue. Lived with his sister Sarah after his mother´s death.
(Mary Ann? theory) CUNNINGHAM b ca 1791? died after 2 children between May 1808 and August 1828 married Capt. William Robertson Jr? b ca 1771 died 1 Jun 1841 in Edgefield, SC-2 children George C. b 6 May 1808 and Mary who married John Thompkins, grandson of Capt Stephen Thompkins who was born 9 May 1730 in New York, died 4 Feb 1801 in Edgefield, SC . Capt Robertson migrated to Virginia about 1740, thence to Anson County, North Carolina, thence to Edgefield, SC. He was Justice of the Peace in 1782. He had five sons and one daughter.
William Robertson Jr. remarried
after the Cunningham girl died- to Susan Thompkins (Maybe this is she?-b ca 1772, d/o Capt Stephen S. Robertson and Susannah "Puggy" Franklin). Susan/Susannah died a year before William on 25 Mar 1840 in Edgefield. Her daughter by William was only five and a half years born 3 Jan 1834. Her older half brother George C. Robertson administered his grandmother´s estate.
6. Robert CUNNINGHAM died by 1841
7. unknown boy CUNNINGHAM-his child is John

John Tompkins and (Mary Ann?) Cunningham children:
1. Elizabeth Brooks TOMPKINS named after John´s mother
2. John R. TOMPKINS named after himself
3. Susan TOMPKINS b ca 1822 died 23 Dec 1845 in Edgefield, S.C married Dr. Thomas Simeon TOMPKINS was born 29 Nov 1822 Edgefield died 26 Jan 1845 in Edgefield, S.C buried Tompkins Cemeter, Edgefield, S.C. He was educated a physician at Transylvania University, Lexington, Ky and attended medical lectures in the session of 1840-41, 42 and 43, accompanied by his cousin, Augustus Marlboro Tompkins. Both graduated in the spring of1843. He married his second cousin, Susan, the daughter of his uncle John Tompkins, the third son of James and Hulda.
4. Dewitt Clinton TOMPKINS b: 5 May 1830 in Edgefield, SC 5. Stephen O. TOMPKINS named after his father.
John Tompkins was the brother of Colonel James S. TOMPKINS who married Huldah Hill 7 Jan 1819 in Edgefield and both buried at Tompkins Cem, Homestead Plantation, Edgefield, SC. There is some information about James- The title Colonel was from pre-Civil War militia service. His public service included: Justice of the Quorum, Commissioner of Free Schools, Magistrate, Member of the House of Representatives (S.C.) 1834-38, 1840-42, and 1858-60. james was elected to the Secession Convention and signed the Ordinance of Secession. He was the father of eight sons and one daughter. He moved from NC, where he was born, to Edgefield, SC when he was 7 years old. He was a surveyor, ran a mercantile business, a mill and his plantation. In stature, he "was 5 feet, 10 1/2inches and weighed 185 lbs.,......a very powerful man physically." His homestead plantation was 1,000 acres, his mill was 300 acres, and he had several other pieces of property listed on the assessment of his estate after he died May 9, 1864. According to the 1860 census, he owned 113 slaves. They were one of the largest parts of his estate. His sons, Stephen, Samuel and John Warren were co-executors of his estate. )
Margaret Estelle CUNNINGHAM b: 23 Jul 1797 in Edgefield, SC married Elihu L. CARTLEDGE MD b: 9 Feb 1797 in Edgefield, SC married on 1 June 1820 in Edgefield. Her inheritance left by her father in 1828 was left in the hands of her brothers in laws so that Margaret´s husband Elihu would not be able to get his hands on the money. Per deed records , Margaret had three children- Malcolm Nicholson 14 July 1821, Joseph E. 5 May 1823 and Sarah Ann b 30 May 1825 who married William Lewis Parks b 11 April 1815. Two slaves were deeded to her by her father Joseph Cunningham 7 Nov 1825. The slaves were Jacob aged 37 and Elijah aged 9. Did Elihu sell these slaves? Was Joseph Cunningham angry? Margaret Cartledge 1797 is living next to Mary (Polly) Hardy b 1800 and little Elizabeth Hardy in 1850 Edgefield. Mary Polly is the 2nd wife of Richard Hardy, Sarah s Cunningham´s brother. Elizabeth Hardy b ca 1841 was Margaret Cartledge´s niece. Margaret Cartledge´s uncle William Hardy (her mother´s brother) was married to Margaret´s husband´s sister Mary. Elizabeth Hardy married J. R. BUSSEY abt 1857.

Sarah Hardy Cunningham´s will is in Edgefield Co Will Book D index volume one 1836-1853 page 254 box 48 package 2053 Any information would be appreciated concerning the will.

Edgefield REEL NO: M432-852 PAGE NO: 79A
REFERENCE: 5th day of Oct. 1850, John C. Allen, Asst Marshall
19 1213 1213 Carthidge Margaret 51 F . . 1,000 South Car
20 1213 1213 Carthidge Mary E. 6 F . . . South Car
(Mary Elizabeth Cartledge b. 11/21/1843 Edgefield SC, d/o Malcolm and Martha B. Parks (b. 1827 Edgefield SC, d. 1877) d. 1/11/1918) [1850][1860](m. Malcolm Cartledge Hitt, Sr. (b. 12/21/1843 Edgefield SC, d. 6/8/1923 Lincoln GA m. April 1867 Edgefield SC)
21 1213 1213 Price Cineth 12 F . . . South Car
22 1214 1214 Hardy Mary 50 F . . 500 South Car
23 1214 1214 Hardy Elizabeth 7 F . . . South Car
24 1214 1214 Thompkins Richard Furman 18 M . Farmer . South Car

2. Richard HARDY b. ca 1770 in Mecklenburg,VA d.1843 in Edgefield, South Carolina. He had 3 wives. Large file of children at Richard Hardy of New Hampton, Edgefield SC click on blue to access I think this was later Parkesville or near it, or wife Polly moved there.
1st wife was Barbary Holt alive till at least 1809 b ca 1775 ?(releases
dowry in in 1809-her father is probably James Holt Sr.) Was she the sister
to James Holt born ca 1800 in Long Cane Settlement Abbeville? Was she the
daughter of James Holt in the 1790 and 1800 census Long Cane Abeville?. He
is not the James Holt of NC who married Lydia Read-- they are well documented
and went from Halifax NC to Tenn and the births of their documented children
conflict with the births of your Edgefield SC births. I have seen marriages
between the Edgefield and Longcane people. "Taby" born 1822 names a child
2nd wife Elizabeth (maybe Bulloch or Hardy) married him between 29 June 1825
(land transaction without a dower release) and her release of dowry
23 December 1826. I thought she had died by 6 April 1833 and probably in childbirth
giving birth to James Hardy.
3rd wife Mary “Polly” (may be Cartledge or Cunningham) married him sometime after 6 April 1833 (fights to get 1/3 of the estate and ends up with 1/8 in 1843) appeared in the 1843
lawsuit for the intestate estate of her husband Richard and her daughter was Elizabeth born ca 1841. I am guessing she is a Cartledge, Parkes, Cunningham or Fogueson/Furgeson.
3. Mary Ann HARDY born 1772 Virginia. She married Allen Anderson after 1790
whose kin was most likely Rebecca Perrin born about 1761 in Lunenburg and her Anderson husband. Rebecca Perrin married George/Robert Anderson and moved with him to Edgefield about the same time Ann Williams (also from Lunenburg) moved with John Hardy to Edgefield. 

George Anderson  
Known children:
1. John ANDERSON 1757  Death: 1798 in Edgefield Marriage 1 Elizabeth PACE b: 1758 Death: 1853 Father: Richard PACE V b: 1740 in NC Mother: Sarah DAY b: 1741 in NC
2. George ANDERSON b: 28 Dec 1769 married Anna Lee  
3. Allan ANDERSON 1770 married Mary Ann Hardy b 1772 VA m. about 1792  
4. Rachel ANDERSON married Jesse Meachum-1st 2nd husband was Thomas McKie

1850 census Edgefield SC. Mary died 19 Feb 1851 in Edgefield County, South Carolina -from the tombstone at Anderson Cemetery, Edgefield County, South Carolina. Mary is living with grandchildren and son Allen Jr 5 Dec 1850 Edgefield SC
Edgefield Co Will Book D index volume one 1836-1853
Allen Anderson Jr. page 245 Box 1 Package 13

20 2147 2154 Anderson William L. 28 M . Farmer 3,000 So Ca
21 2147 2154 Anderson Maryan 25 F . . . So Ca
22 2147 2154 Anderson Preston 5 M . . . So Ca
23 2147 2154 Anderson George 3 M . . . So Ca
24 2147 2154 Anderson Elizabeth C. 4/12 F . . . So Ca

30 2132 2139 Anderson George J. 31 M . Farmer 3,000 So Ca
31 2132 2139 Anderson Caroline 18 F . . . So Ca
32 2133 2140 Anderson Thomas R. 38 M . Farmer 5,000 So Ca
33 2133 2140 Anderson Mary A. 29 F . . . So Ca
34 2133 2140 Anderson George 14 M . . . So Ca
35 2133 2140 Anderson James M. 12 M . . . So Ca
36 2133 2140 Anderson Frances 10 F . . . So Ca
37 2133 2140 Anderson Thomas W. 8 M . . . So Ca
38 2133 2140 Anderson John R. 4 M . . . So Ca
39 2133 2140 Anderson Ema J. 1 F . . . So Ca
15 2137 2144 Porter John C. 29 M . Farmer . So Ca
16 2137 2144 Porter Elvira 28 F . . . So Ca
17 2137 2144 Miller Frances A. 7 F . . . So Ca
18 2137 2144 Miller Edmond J. 4 M . . . So Ca
19 2138 2145 Anderson Ana 58 F . . 8,500 So Ca
20 2139 2146 Johnson James 30 M . Miller . So Ca
21 2139 2146 Johnson Susan 33 F . . . So Ca
22 2139 2146 Johnson Angeline 9 F . . . So Ca
23 2139 2146 Johnson Julia 7 F . . . So Ca
24 2139 2146 Johnson Benjamin 5 M . . . So Ca
25 2139 2146 Johnson Lavina 4 F . . . So Ca
26 2139 2146 Hardin Willam 22 M . Farmer . So Ca

13 2162 2169 Anderson Mary 78 F . . 3,000 Va
14 2162 2169 Anderson Indianna 18 F . . . Ala
15 2162 2169 Anderson Loiusianna 16 F . . . Ala
16 2162 2169 Anderson Andrew J 14 M . . . Ala
17 2162 2169 Anderson Ignicious 12 M . . . Ala
18 2162 2169 Anderson Allen 45 M . Farmer . Ala
4. Daniel HARDY born 3 Jan 1777 in Mecklenburg County,Virginia married Mary
daughter of Robert Roebuck. Daniel died in the town of Lowndes, Dallas Co AL
and was buried in Old Town Cemetery in Lowndes Co AL 1842. She was the
daughter of Robert Roebuck of Edgefield
  1. Has Children Elizabeth Susan Hardy
  2. b: ABT 1808 in Edgefield, SC married Miles and/or Seaborne J. Sorelle b. ca. 1805, Ga; d. ca. 1854 of yellow fever, Port Lavaca, Tx; occupation: physician, married 12 June 1823, Dallas Co. AL. She d. in 1840, Dallas Co. Al. [Wetumpka Argus, 19 Aug. 1840]. See 1840 Autauga Co., Al. and 1850 Harrison Co. Tx. census.
  3. Has Children Robert William Hardy b: 25 Sep 1810 in Edgefield,South Carolina, lived at Todd´s Hill too-m. (first) Aug. 12, 1830, in Lowndes Co., Ala.,Temperance L. Toney, b. Oct. 25, 1813, in Greenville Co., S.C.; d. Sept. 16, 1877, at Paulding, Miss.; dau. of Charles and Margaret (HamiltonToney, of Ala.and gr.-dau. of Thomas and Temperance (Arnold) Hamilton, of Virginia.Thomas Hamilton served with distinction in the Revolutionary War, as did the brothers of Temperance. Edward, John, Thomas, Hendrick and William Arnold, were all gallant defenders of the rights of the Colonies.
  4. (Second) Carrie Chapman.
  5. Has Children Miles Hardy b: 17 Feb 1818/1815 in Edgefield, SC
  6. Has Children Martha A Hardy b: 10 Jul 1817 in Edgefield, SC
  7. Has Children Ursula Temperance Hardy b: 1818 in Edgefield District, SC
  8. Has No Children Mary Jenette Hardy b: 22 Nov 1819 in Dallas Co., Alabama
  9. Has No Children Marian Hardy b: ABT 1820 in Dallas Co., Alabama
  10. Has Children Susan Hardy b: ABT 1820 in Dallas Co., Alabama
  11. Has Children Sarah Ann Hardy b: ABT 1820 in Dallas Co., Alabama
5. Robert HARDY b ca 1782 VA died 29 May 1843 in Coosa Co AL married July 31 1823 in Montgomery Co AL Nancy Peebles Browning born 5 June 1804 daughter of Capt. John Browning (War of 1812 - NOT in Rev War) and Nancy Peebles of Greene Co, GA who had come to Montgomery Co AL before Dallas and Lowndes were cut out of it with her parents and brothers. Children William Frederick Browning and Patsy Browning (wife of Daniel Hogan) were also in the wagon. Robert Hardy was in the 1830 Lowndes Co. census and then the 1840 Coosa Co. census. Ransom Meadows moved up to Fishpond, Tallapoosa after 1840. That was near Robert Hardy in Nixburg, Coosa Co. 2nd Tombstone Nancy Peebles Browning: 2nd (maybe even the 3rd) Tombstone of Nancy Browning Hardy at Richard Covington Hardy home place in Dollar, Coosa County, Al (about 3 miles SE of Ham Lewis Cemetery). Field data recorded on 4 Sep 1981 by Ethel Perkins, Childersburg, Al. NOTE: This tombstone found by directions from Ethel (Wamick) Hammond, granddaughter of Richard Covington Hardy and Rutha Elizabeth (Works) Hardy. According to Ethel Hammond, this is the grave of Nancy (Browning) Hardy. They settled near Nixburg, Coosa County, Al. Nancy was visiting her son Richard at the time she became sick and died. Bad weather (possibly spring flood?) prevetend him taking his mother home for burial. There have been at least 2 tombstones. I have a photo copy of the first which says Nancy B. Hardy. This one says Nancy Browning Hardy. The birth date put in as 1800 was based on the first tombstone saying she was "age 70 years." She was not 70, however, and was only 65 when she died, having been born June 5, 1804 in Greene Co GA to John Radford Browning and Nancy Peebles (both of whose fathers have proven Revolutionary Service). Nancy Browning Hardy Wife of Robert Hardy Born 1800 [5 June 1804] Died March 30, 1870 Age 70 Years DEAREST MOTHER THOU HAST LEFT US THY LOSS WE DEEPLY FEEL BUT TIS GOD THAT BEREFT US HE CAN ALL OUR SORROWS HEAL Billy Parker says, ” The travel in that time period was S.C. through Ga. down the old federal road into lower Al. The upper part of AL was still Creek Indian territory. Dallas Co. became part of Al. in 1818 and Coosa Co. Al. in 1832 when the Creek Indians ceded the upper part of Al. to the U S Gov. The Hardy clan followed the movement of the western territory as it became part of the federal gov. land.” 1830 Lowndes Co AL Ransom Meadows Lowndes, Alabama D M Browning Lowndes, Alabama Daniel Browning Lowndes, Alabama Francis J Browning Lowndes, Alabama John Browning (father of Nancy P.Browning, William Frederick Browning and Martha Browning who married Daniel Hogan) Lowndes, Alabama William Browning Lowndes, Alabama William F Browning Lowndes, Alabama 1840 Lowndes Co AL J R Browning Lowndes, Alabama (John Radford Browning, as written in his Bible 1803 which he kept with Nancy Peebles- see copy below) Danl Hogan Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama Robt Hardy Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama Allen Hardy Tallapoosa, Alabama Isham Meadows Lowndes, Alabama Ransom Meadows Lowndes, Alabama before he moved up to Fishpond, Tallapoosa Co, across from Nixburg, Coosa Co Stephen Meadows Lowndes, Alabama This is "Steve" who died of fever, son of Ransom . (Stephen was the father of Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows. Mary´s uncle Moses Meadows posted bond for her marriage to Robert W. Hardy 25 September 1848 and they married 28 September.) A Petition was filed in Tallapoosa County, Alabama, 18 January 1873, by Gilbert Meadows. To the Hon. Allen D. Sturdevant, Judge of the Probate for said county: "Gilbert Meadows, a resident citizen of said county over age twenty-one years. He stated that Ransom Meadows, late of said county, decd., died owning 352 acres off the west side of Section 20, Township 22, Range 21, in said county, with other lands. After the death of Ransom Meadows, the said lands above were set apart as the dower of the widow of Ransom, Sarah Meadows, who has since departed this life 3 November 1872 leaving real estate unadministered. Petition further states that the following named persons are the children and heirs at law of Ransom Meadows: (1) Mary Dick over 21 years old and resides in Pickens(?) County, Alabama; (2) William Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Lowndes County, Alabama; (3) adix Elias Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Pike [Polk] County, Texas; (4) Moses Meadows of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama; (5) adix Elizabeth Bankston over 21 years of age and resides somewhere in the State of Georgia, but petitioner is not informed as to her county; (6) Milas Meadows over 21 years residing in Coosa County, Alabama; (7) Stephen Meadows who is now decd., leaving surviving him Mary -----y(?) who is of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama; (8) Martha Farris who is also decd., leaving surviving her June Boss(?) and Francis Farris all of whom are of lawful age and reside in Coosa County, Alabama; (9) Sarah Ogletree who died leaving surviving her John & Thomas Ogletree over the age of 21 years – John resides in said county and state, Thomas having died last resided in Coosa County, Alabama leaving surviving him Daniel, Sidney, and Elizabeth Ogletree all under fourteen years of age; (10) Petitioner Gilbert Meadows who is of lawful age and residing in said county and state. Petitioner shows that all the above mentioned heirs at law; children of Ransom Meadows are joint owners and tenants in common in said lands above described and have each a one tenth interest in said lands. Lands cannot be equitably & fairly divided without a sale of same." From: Cindy Stamps Obituary of John Browning from The Arkansas Gazette, 19 June, 1844, p. 3, col. 1, found at the Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives, Washington, Arkansas; copied by hand, as there was no printer. Died at his residence, Walnut Grove, Clark County, Arkansas, John Browning in his 77th year. He was born in Caswell County, North Carolina, on the 17th day of May, A. D. 1767; married at the age of 25 years; joined the Baptist Church at the age of 35, at Shiloh, Greene County, Georgia; three months afterward was ordained deacon of the church, the duties of which office he faithfully discharged during the remainder of his pilgrimage on earth. At the age of 46, he entered the army of General Floyd in the Creek Indian War as Captain of a volunteer company. He performed an active part in the battles of Autasee and Colebee. In the latter he had the honor of bleeding for his country. In 1814, he was a member of the legislature of Georgia. In 1819, he removed to Alabama; in 1822, was a member of the legislature of that state. He has been a member of 34 associations and more than once moderator. In 1840, he emigrated to Arkansas, where he died 3 May 1844--a member of the Baptist Church at Mt. Bethel. The subject of this notice was brought up in the distressing times of the American Revolution. Consequently, he had not the advantages of a liberal education; yet, his superiority of mind enabled him to discharge high and important offices, in both church and state. He was of a lively and cheerful disposition; always seemed desirous of making those happy about him; plain in his manner; as a citizen, patriotic; as a neighbor, obliging; as a parent, kind and indulgent; and as a companion, very affectionate. He has left a companion, several children, and numerous relations and friends to mourn the loss of so good a man. But one great consolation they have, he died as he lived, in peace with mankind and with his Maker. He has fulfilled the great end of his being and gone hence to adorn the shiny courts of heaven. "Softly his fainting head he lay Upon his Saviour's breast; His Maker soothed his soul away, And laid his flesh to rest." Robert Hardy and Nancy Peebles Browning had 4 boys by 1830 Lowndes Co census. Lowndes had been cut out of old Montgomery Co where they had married in 1823. One boy must have died. Robert was 22 years older than his wife. When he died Nancy remarried 11 Jan 1846 to a man 10 years her junior (James Madison Bankston b 1815 SC) and had one more child- little Nancy Browning Bankston born 1846. Little Nancy married Ransom Meadows Dick he had come back from LA with his mother to Ransom Meadows house at Fish Pond between 1854 and 1858. 8 surviving children are: A. John B. Hardy b 1825 SC died 1866-68 AL m. Elizabeth Jane MEADOWS,her father was Ransom Meadows whose family also moved from Lownded to Coosa/Tallapoosa inside of old Coosa territory when it was opened up. Elizabeth Jane Meadows was b ca 1827. She had one son Robert R. Hardy. By June 1870 census she had remarried to James Madison Bankston, her former step father in law who had been married to her first husband´s mother Nancy Browning Hardy who had remarried in January 1846. Nancy died however on March 30, 1870 on the plantation of her son Richard Covington Hardy. 3 months later her widower husband James Bankston had remarried. Search at BGS Blog or Search Probate papers COUNTY: Tallapoosa FILE NAME: Hardy, John B. DATE: 1866-1869 *CASE TYPE: E? **COURT: Probate FHL REEL: 2259237 ADAH REEL: LGM170 - R25 B.William Allen Lansing Hardy b. 1827 in Coosa Territory, (Dollar) Alabama m. Mary Ann Elizabeth MEADOWS Hardy after his brother Robert W. (Jr.) died. William A L Hardy farmed, owned a grist mill and was postmaster of Dollar post office Coosa Co. in 1890. He and Mary went on to have 10 children- Hardy, William A. L. Comments: The gender of William A. L. Hardy is male. Spouse: Mary Hardy Marriage Date: Nov 10, 1853 County: Coosa Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263 - 1290267 leaving her a widow with three boys: They lived originally near Dollar, after leaving Nixburg-where is father lived.
1st m. Robert W. Hardy on 28th Sep 1848 in Tallapoosa. Billy Parker wrote, " A grandaughter of Robert ( Alma Adamsom Neighbors) said Robert W. died at age 48 from complications following surgery which was performed on a table in the yard."
3 Children of Mary Meadows first marriage
Foto Courtesy Billy Parker who says: Townsend's lived next door to the Sellers who are also buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery. It is said that one of their homes is still standing. 
1. William L HARDY b. 26 Nov 1849, d. 11 Dec 1898 "buried at Unity, Unity Cem., Coosa Co m. Mary Margaret Townsend b 1 August 1845 died Dec 18, 1927 Fayetteville Memorial Cemetary."
(info thanks to-harold fowler talladega al) 
Mary Margaret's first husband could have been Augustus Rape - unless it is a Townsend cousin of the same name born the same time period. She married William L. Hardy about 1869.  
County Court Records, Film # 1290263 – 1290267
Townsend, Mary M.
Comments: The gender of Mary M. Townsend is female.
Spouse: Augustus D. Rape
Marriage Date: Aug 19, 1865
County: Coosa
Mary Townsend's father was Pascal Hunter Townsend. (b. 1811 d. 1895) He and many of the Townsends are buried in Pine Grove cemetery. Mr. Thomson's listing is just a partial listing. I have pictures of every grave. Her Mother was Sicily (b. 1819 d. 1904)Mary Townsend's father was Pascal Hunter Townsend. (b. 1811 d. 1895) He and many of the Townsends are buried in Pine Grove cemetery. Mr. Thomson's listing is just a partial listing. I have pictures of every grave. Her Mother was Sicily (b. 1819 d. 1904)
Children by William L. Hardy and Mary M. Townsend (her father was Pascal/Paschal Hunter Townsend  1811-1895 and her mother Sicily 1819-1904):
1. Norah HARDY b 1870 AL
2. Mary Sisley HARDY b: 10 DEC 1872 
Spouse 1: Benjamin Meherg 
Spouse 2: M. S. Hardy Marriage Date: 10 Mar 1891 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: C. C. Duke
3. John "Jehu"
B. HARDY b Oct 1874 named after an uncle born 1825 in Edgefield SC
4. William Reece HARDY Sept 1876
5. Hixie Jane HARDY April 1878
Sarah "Sallie" E. HARDY b Dec 1879 m. Benjamen Dorsey Stewart
7. Queen Bell Hardy May 1886
8. Samuel Hardy was taken in- nephew- b July 1876

1900: Weogufka, Coosa, Alabama
Mary M Hardy 54 head
John B Hardy 26
Hixie J Hardy 22
Sarah E Hardy 20
Queen Bell Hardy 14
Samuel Hardy 23
1 Jun 1840 - Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
1850: Coosa, Coosa, Alabama next to John and Gracy Sellars
Household Members:
Pascal Townsend 38
Sicily Townsend 31
John Townsend 8
Margaret Townsend 4
William Townsend 2

1850 Coosa, Coosa, Alabama
John H Townsend 29
Mary E Townsend 33
Laura Graham 12
Florena Townsend 4
Margaret Townsend 6
Sarah Townsend 2
1850 Township 20, Tallapoosa, Alabama house 286
Augustus S Rape 46 NC
Ann Rape 37
James F Rape 10
Melissia I Rape 13
Elizabeth Rape 8
Garrald Rape 4
Gustaveus Rape 6 married a Mary M. Townsend
Henry Rape 1
house 287
William M. Rape 28 NC
Augustus Rape 25 NC nephew of Augustus S., moved to TX
1860: Southern Division, Coosa, Alabama
Post Office: Rockford
P H Townsend 49 GA
C Townsend 40 GA
J Townsend 18 AL (John H.)
M Townsend 14 AL (Mary Margaret)
P K Townsend 9 AL (Phillip Kincham Hunter)
L S Townsend 2 Al (Leonard Samuel)

1860 Talladega Co, AL PO Fayetteville
John H Townsend 38 Mary E Townsend 42 Margaret Townsend 16 Florence Townsend 13 Sarah Townsend 12 Mariana Cal 161860: Beat 7, Tallapoosa, Alabama
Post Office: Souchahatchee
A S Rape 55 NC (Augustus S.)  
Anna Rape 49 SC
Franklin Rape 20 GA
Elizabeth A Rape 16 GA
Gustavis Rape 14 GA (Augustus)
Israel Rape 12 AL
Henry Rape 10 AL

Paschal Hunter Townsend
Born: 22 Dec 1811 Morgan, Georgia
Died: 12 Sep 1895 Nixburg, Coosa,
Marriage: 20 Dec 1838 in Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Sicily H Mabry Born: 17 May 1819 in Jasper, Georgia
Died: 11 Dec 1904
Children Sex Birth
Sarah Elizabeth Townsend F 11 Oct 1839
John H Townsend M 15 Jun 1842 (named after Paschal's brother John H. b 1821)
Mary Margaret Townsend F 1 Aug 1845
William Mabry Townsend M 28 Jan 1848
Kincham Phillip Hunter Townsend M 18 May 1851 died 29 May 1933 - Nixburg, Coosa
Leonard Samuel Townsend M 14 Jan 1858
Ann Elizer Townsend F 21 Nov 1860 died 29 Aug 1920 Equality, Coosa

2. Daniel Jackson. HARDY b: NOV 1851 in Alabama married 1st Frances E.Johnston 2nd Julia Ann Varner Spouse 1: D. J. Hardy Spouse 2: Judith Varner Marriage Date: 29 Nov 1890 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: D. J. Boles

a. Robert Francis "Frank" HARDY never married
b. William Lafayette HARDY
b May 1879 m. and had one child
c. Daniel Houston HARDY Oct 17, 1882 m. Dacy M. Dennis and had three children; Erline, Cora, and Bessie
d. Samuel Fletcher HARDY m. Mattie Burson Spouse 1: Sam Hardy Spouse 2: Ida Smith Marriage Date: 22 Nov 1890 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: A. L. Bulger
e. Hulen HARDY never married
f. Mary Elizabeth “Betty” HARDY
g. Emma HARDY m. Joe Plyer
h. Roxie HARDY m. Jim Dooley
i. Bixie HARDY m. Ewing Fowler
2nd wife Judith Varner
j. Wheeler HARDY unmarried
k. Reesie HARDY m. Jim Allen
l. Miles HARDY m. Susan Frances Varner
m. Elzie HARDY m. Nancy Creel

3. Robert W. HARDY Jr b: AUG 1853 m Queen Victoria Ingram b JAN 1855 in Randolph Co., AL , daughter of John and Martha Ingram who had moved to Travelers Rest, Coosa by 1870 census.
a. Mary F. Hardy b: SEP 1874 in Coosa Co.,AL
b. John R. Hardy b: Abt 1877 in Coosa Co.,AL
c. Martha L. Hardy b: Abt 1879 in Coosa Co.,Nixburg,AL
d. Bozeman Hardy b: MAR 1881 in AL
e. Ida V. Hardy b: DEC 1882 in AL
f. Maggie E. Hardy b: JUN 1886 in AL
g. Rody E. (Rhoda?) Hardy b: SEP 1888 in AL
h. William Hardy b: NOV 1890 in ALi. Valley M. Hardy b: FEB 1892 in AL
j. Ransom A. Hardy b: MAY 1895 in AL

Stephen Crenshaw had gone to Alabama with Robert Hardy about 1817 where they both bought property. In 1818 Robert was paying taxes on land in Montgomery Co. which later became part of Lowndes County near Hayneville. Stephen was a surveyor and a Revolutionary soldier, with a large family, stores and stock, etc., and moved from Edgefield District, S.C., about 1817, to the Territory of Alabama. He entered the land known today as Lowndes County, Hayneville, cutting the roads and bridges as they moved. Like Robert, he may have also still owned land in SC. Robert kept his Edgefield property another 10 years and traveled back and forth. The Stephen Crenshaw family were kin to the sons of John Hardy and Ann Williams. John's brother Thomas Hardy had a young daughter Susanna born in SC who married Stephen Crenshaw. The Crenshaws had also originated in Lunenburg VA. The Thomas hardy family bought land in Laurens District about whom the book Our Fathers´ Fields is written. When Susanna left for Alabama, Susanna´s siblings Mary, Phoebe and Freeman also went, although they stopped for awhile in Georgia.  Susannah Hardy Crenshaw did not die till after 1850 in Hayneville, Lowndes Co. In 1850 Susanna lived with her daughter Susan Crenshaw Hardy who had married a John Hardy of New England. Susan´s father and husband were dead and she had 8 slaves to help with the work. Unfortunately her father Stephen died of exposure in 1821. He either fell from a horse and was too injured to move or he fell into one of the rivers during his road making. He was buried in the woods in Lowndes County. Afterwards a Methodist Church was built near his grave. Later others were buried there and was enclosed by brick wall and was kept up by Susan Crenshaw Hardy and grandson Dr. Henry L. Whipple, of Montgomery. During the War Between the States the graves were neglected and later were sold and a warehouse marks the place. It is at Hayneville, Dreighman's Warehouse. 

A relative of Susan Crenshaw Hardy was a Mrs. Hardy who was 87 years old in 1927, born about 1840. This Mrs. Hardy remembers seeing part of his Revolutionary uniform, knee buckles, coat and pants which had been saved by the family. She saw these things at Hayneville. He was a private. Her mother's name was Baby Ruth Queen Victoria. Mrs. Hardy in 1927, was living with her daughter at Stone's Tank.
1850  STATE or TERRITORY:  AL  COUNTY:  Lowndes  DIVISION:  Lowndes District  REEL NO:  M432-8  PAGE NO:  174B
REFERENCE:  enumerated by me, on the 21 day of Dec 1850.  S L. Pruitt
1   1120 1120 Hunley        Ransom G       2    M                                  Ala
2   1120 1120 Hunley        Ann C          6/12 F                                  Ala
3   1120 1120 Campbell      A P            40   M         Overseer                 N Carolina
4   1121 1121 Hunley   Caroline M(atilda)  45   F  (Married: 21 Oct 1824 in Lincoln Co, NC Bynum's "Marriage
Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties North Carolina", p. 68; bondsman John D Hoke)widow of Ransom Gayle Hunley
who died NOV 1843 in Lowndesand  the daughter of General Peter Forney of the Rev. War))  8,000     N Carolina
5   1121 1121 Hunley        Peter F(orney) 21   M         Planter                  S Carolina
6   1121 1121 Hunley        Ann C(arolina)  8   F   b.14 JAN 1833                                S Carolina              X
7   1121 1121 Hunley        Ransom G(ayle) 15   M                                  Ala                     X
8   1121 1121 Shuford       Robert M       35   M         Planter                  N Carolina
9   1122 1122 Hardy         Susan C        30   F                        1,500     S Carolina
10  1122 1122 Hardy         Alabama        11   F                                  Ala                     X
11  1122 1122 Hardy         Virginia       9    F                                  Ala                     X
12  1122 1122 Hardy         Sarah J        8    F                                  Ala
13  1122 1122 Cranshaw      Susanah        70   F  (mother Susanna Hardy, daughter of Thomas Hardy and Phoebe )Virginia

2nd m. William Allen Lansing HARDY on 10 NOV 1853 in Coosa County Court Records, Film # 1290263 – 1290267 He was b: 1827 in Dollar, Coosa County, Alabama 10 Nov 1853 in Coosa County, Alabama
10 children in 2nd Hardy marriage of Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows-
1. Mary Susan HARDY b: ABT 1857/1858
2. Sarah A. HARDY b: 1859 in Cossa Territory, Dollar, Alabama m 3 JAN 1878 George Edward Latiker b: 1851 in Rockford, Coosa
3. Nathan HARDY b: 1864 Lewis, Coosa, Al named after uncle who died at Gettysburg
4. John Richard HARDY b: 1862 m. 1st Martha “Mattie” E. Sellers 2nd Elmira Lambert
Spouse 1: J. R. Hardy Spouse 2: M. E. Sellers Marriage Date: 08 Jan 1891 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: Wm. Meadows She died when she was 24 years old after giving birth to Elbert L. HARDY July 1893 (went later to Fla). Her first child was Luzinka E. HARDY Nov 1891 (lived later in hayleville, walker co. al. Elmira Catherine Lambert b 2 JUN 1877 died 21 JUN 1953 they had 7 children;1-stanley clifton hardy 2-clinton swinton hardy 3-ethel olivia hardy(deans mother) 4-audice mayo hardy 5-maxwell alton hardy 6-margie velma hardy 7-clovis abcie hardy.
PINE GROVE CEMETARY EQUALITY (Nixburg area) AL. list of Hardy and Sellers:

John R. Hardy 1865 -- 1930 Elmira C. Hardy 1878 -- 1953
Mattie Sellers Hardy April 29, 1870 -- Dec 2, 1894(Wife of John R.)
Mattie Hardy, B. F. Sellers and Jane Sellers all buried in same plot
Jane Elsie Sellers Daughter of S. E. and M. J. Sellers June 20, 1884 -- July 28, 1886

B. F. Sellers Jan 28, 1872 -- Aug 17, 1891
Sampson Sellers Feb 6, 1825 -- Dec 5, 1908
Martha J. Sellers April 28, 1849 -- Sept 29, 1927 (wife of Sampson)
Francis A. Sellers June 1, 1874 -- Aug 6, 1958
Cora Della Sellers May 2, 1882 -- Jan 29, 1965 (wife of Francis A.)
26. March 2007,
John Richard Hardys grand. daughter, Dean "Miller" Jones comes to the Hardy reunion each year. Johnny married Mattie E. Sellers. They had 2 children, Luzinka & Elbert. Several years ago, Elbert came to the hardy reunion--he was living in Fla., I think, but he has died. We went to see Luzinka´s daughters 2 years ago. They live in Winston Co. AL. My mother often spoke of Luzinka after Matties death. Johnny R. married her cousin, Elmira Catherine Lambert. Elmira & Johnny had 7 children--one was Dean Jones´ mother. Dean said she lived most of her teen year with her g parents. Johnny & Elmira are buried in the Pine Grove Ceme. in Coosa Co. Johnnys head stone- b-1865 d-1930, Elmira- b-1878 d-1953. Dora Hardy married J.A. Jones 25 Nov. 1888 in Coosa Co. Billy Parker“
5. Stephen Ransom HARDY b: 30 Oct 1862 in Coosa County, Al died September 28, 1931 Jefferson Co.1st m. 1st Ada meHerg b. 6 APR 1867 in Coosa Co.,AL on 6 MAR 1884 in Coosa Co.,AL Child: Willis Archibald, Spouse 1: Stephen Hardy Spouse 2: Ada Meherg Marriage Date: 06 Mar 1884 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: D. J. Boles (d/o Willis Archibald Mehearg and Katherine"Kitty" FAVOR) m. 2nd  Etta Caladonia Meherg 9 Feb 1893 (d/o Willis Archibald Mehearg and Katherine"Kitty" FAVOR) one child- Etta Caladonia Hardy b. 5 March 1894 married James Thomas Jefferson Sellers Spouse 1: S. R. Hardy Spouse 2: Callie Meherg Marriage Date: 09 Feb 1893 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: J. D. Hughes and m. 3rd  Emma G. Lowery b May 1879 Marriage Date: May 3, 1900 -S.R. Hardy and Emma Lowery
Marriage Place: Wilsonville, Shelby County
Performed By: E.W. Holland, JP.
the JP recorded Stephen as "S.R. Armstrong" instead of Hardy. 
Marriage Date: May 3, 1900 -S.R. Hardy and Emma Lowery
Marriage Place: Wilsonville, Shelby County Performed By: E.W. Holland, JP.
Comment: on the return for the marriage license, the JP recorded Stephen as "S.R. Armstrong" instead of Hardy.
Stephen was said to have raised a black boy as his own. Emma's father was George Marion Lowery b: 8 AUG 1851 in GA.(Probably Campbell CO.) Mother: Sarah Jane Blocker b: 1 JAN 1852
Children of Stephen Ransom and Emma Lowery
 Ada D HARDY b: 1902 in AL
 Talmadge S HARDY b: 1904 in AL
 Ruby A HARDY b: 1907 in AL
 Chester B HARDY b: 1909 in AL
 Roy H HARDY b: 1913 in AL
6. Florence Didema HARDY b: 8 Sep 1865 died 14 MAR 1927 in White City, Autauga m 5 NOV 1885 in Coosa Joshua MeHerg b: 4 JAN 1862 in Horsestomp, Coosa(s/o Willis Archibald Mehearg and Katherine "Kitty" FAVOR)Spouse 1: Joshua Meherg Spouse 2: Deemy Hardy Marriage Date: 05 Nov 1885 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: T. J. Boles
7. Isadora “Doran” HARDY b: 1871
?Spouse 1: J. P.(JA) Jones Spouse 2: Dorah Hardy Marriage Date: 25 Nov 1888 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: I. Bice

8. Louisa Frances HARDY
b: 20 Nov 1872 in Coosa County, Al died July 28,1910 Parkdale Cem m. Thomas Albert MeHerg (s/o Willis Archibald Mehearg and Katherine"Kitty" FAVOR)Spouse 1: Albert Meherg Spouse 2: Lou F. Hardy Marriage Date: 21 Oct 1888 Marriage Place: Coosa Surety/Perf. Name: C. C. Duke 
 Benjamin Oliver MEHERG b: Apr 1890 in Weogufka, Coosa County, Al
 William A MEHERG b: ABT Sep 1892 in Weogufka, Coosa County, Al
 Mary E MEHERG b: Feb 1895 in Coosa Co
9. Allen A HARDY
b: 1875 m. 31 Dec 1903 in , Coosa, AL to Mary E. Hay
b. 21 Jul 1886 AL d Jan 1968 in Pell City, Saint Clair, Al
Home in 1880: Lewis, Coosa, Alabama
Home in 1900: Spearman, Shelby, Alabama
Home in 1910: Talladega, Alabama
Home in 1920: Cook Springs, St. Clair, Alabama
Home in 1930: Easonville, St Clair, Alabama

 Henry A. Hardy b: 20 Oct 1904 AL
 William Hardy
 Charles C.
 John R Hardy b: 13 Feb 1914 AL
 Louis J. Hardy b: 18 Nov 1917 AL
 Frances Hardy

1910 22nd April United States Federal Census > Alabama > Talladega > Precinct 12 > District 138
Allen A Hardy abt 1876 Alabama Head
Mary Hardy abt 1886 Alabama Wife
Henry E Hardy 1904 Alabama Son
William Hardy 1906 Alabama Son
Charley C Hardy abt 1909 Alabama Son
1920 Cook Springs, St Clair, AL 3rd Jan
Allen A Hardy 44 abt 1876 Al Head
Mary E Hardy 33 abt 1887 AL Wife
Henry A. Hardy 15abt 1905 AL Son
John R. Hardy 13 abt 1914 AL Son
William A: 10
Charlie C. 6
Louis J. Hardy 2 years and 2 months? abt 1918 AL Son
1930 Easonville, St Clair, AL
Allen A Hardy
54 abt 1876 Alabama Head
Mary E Hardy 43
abt 1887 AL Wife
Henry Hardy
25 abt 1905 AL Son
John Hardy
16 abt 1914 AL Son
Louis Hardy
12 abt 1918 AL Son
Frances Hardy 1
abt 1929 AL Daughter

10. Charles HARDY b: 1879
11. Houston Hardy 1881 (not really-Daniel Houston Hardy is listed as a brother to Stephen R. Hardy in 1900 but he was really a nephew and the son of Stephen R.´s older brother Daniel Jackson. HARDY b: NOV 1851 and Frances Elizabeth Johnston. Daniel Jackson Hardy moved out of Coosa to Wilsonville in Shelby Co, and his half brothers Stephen R., John R. and Allen A. followed him to Shelby.)

1900 United States Federal Census > Alabama > Shelby > Spearman > District 131 precinct 11 13 June 1900
House 142
John R. Hardy head W Male Dec 1865 age 34 widower AL AL AL Farmer rents
Lezinka E. dau W Female Dec 1891 age 8 AL
Elbert L. son W M July 1893 6 AL
house 143
Stephen R. Hardy Head W M Oct 1862 37 Married 0 years together
Emma wife W F May 1879 21 Married 0 years together
Willis (William Archibald) son W M February 1886 age 14
Callie dau. W F Feb 1895 age 5 (Etta Caladonia Hardy)

Houston brother W M Oct 1881 age 18 single

Far left is the great granddaughter of Stephen Meadows, Etta Caladonia Hardy born at Talledega Springs north of where her grandfather lived. She was the daughter of Stephen Ransom Hardy by 30 October 1862 in picture below. His sister Florence Didemia Hardy b. 8 Sep 1865 granddaughter of Stephen Meadows is the woman holding the baby in back.
Foto courtesy Cheryl Kelly
“My grandfather was Daniel Houston Hardy s/o Daniel Jackson Hardy.b 17 Oct. 1882 .and Frances Elizabeth Johnston.”
Above descendants of Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows
Mary´s grandchildren in red.
Mary ´s children in black bold.
First row: Stephen Ransom Hardy b.30 Oct 1862 died 29 Sept. 1931, Elbert L. Hardy b. July 1893 s/o next person-John Richard Hardy called “Johnny” b. 1865, Luzinka E.Hardy b.Dec. 1891 d/o John R. and Mattie E. Sellers who died when Elbert was born. . Luzinka E. married Azeberry Hilliard Southern. Willis married Lila Alley, daughter of Talula Sellers and Alley..
Second Row: William Lafayette Hardy b. 1879 s/o Daniel J.. Hardy, Robert Francis “Frank” Hardy 1874 s/o Daniel J. Hardy, Allen A. Hardy b.1875, Daniel Houston Hardy b. 1882 s/o Daniel J. Hardy Willis W. Archibald Hardy b Feb 1886, s/o Stephen Ransom Hardy and Ada MeHerg, and Samuel Fletcher. Hardy 1875s/o Daniel J. Hardy
About the foto-Mary´s son William L- Hardy died. 11 Dec 1898 but is not in the foto.He was buried in Unity not far from the old home place at Nixburg in Coosa Co. If you drive north a couple miles from Nixburg, you come to a cross road - take a left. After about 4 miles you get to Rockford you take a right and go north thru Hanover to Stewartsville and take a left when you get there. This is a small road which takes you thru Weogufka to Unity.. If you keep on going thru Unity, you come to Marble Valley and the only road there takes a sharp right to the north which leads to Talledega Springs over the County line. Since Stephen Ransom Hardý daughter was born near there in 1895, it may be that it is the area called “Spearman” in 1900 census Shelby Co because Talledega Co is only 4 miles wide there and you are in Shelby Co again. Daniel Jackson Hardy live in Wilsonville northwest of Talledega Springs (which seems to be in the middle of woods) and must be not far from where Allen A,, John R. and Stephen R..lived—maybe there was a bridge across the river which devieds Talledega from Shelby Co. But it just looks like woods and river and streams. It must have been really pribate. Daniel Jackson Hardy is not in the foto. It is maybe summer 1898 or 1897. Stephen R., John R. and Allen A. were neighbors in the 1900 census for Spearman, Shelby Co., AL. Daniel Houston lived with Stephen R. and his 2 children son Willis and daughter Callie (Etta Caladonis), as well as with his new wife Emma Lowery.. Also a William Smith 18 lived with Allen. He was black, born Oct 1881 and was probably the black boy Stephen brought up as his own son. After William A.L. Hardy died, as well as Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows the homeplace in Coosa must have been sold and then they all bought a place together in Shelby. The boys may have come up to Shelby to join Daniel Jackson Hardy who was living in Wilsonville, Shelby.
1900 Wilsonville, Shelby, Alabama
Daniel J Hardy abt 1851 Alabama White Head
Judie A Hardy abt 1874 Alabama White Wife

Robert F Hardy abt 1874 Alabama White Son
Emma Hardy abt 1886 Alabama White Daughter
Hulen Hardy Daniel J,abt 1889 Alabama White Son
Wheeler J Hardy
abt 1895 Alabama White SonMilas J Hardy abt 1897 Alabama White Son
Laurene E Hardy abt 1899 Alabama White Son

C. Robert W. Hardy (Jr) b.1829 in Coosa Territory, Dollar AL
d. abt. 1853 m. Mary Ann Elizabeth MEADOWS d/o Stephen Meadows who was the son
of Ransom Meadows
Hardy, Robert W.
Comments: The gender of Robert W. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Mary Meadows
Marriage Date: Sep 28, 1848
County: Tallapoosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1302444 - 1302448
The same children as listed above in William A.L. Hardy

D. Allen A. Hardy b. 1832 Coosa Co.AL
Hardy, Allen A.
Comments: The gender of Allen A. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Louisa Bankston
Marriage Date: Sep 23, 1852
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263 - 1290267
E. Daniel Jackson Hardy  b. 1834 d. 25 July 1925 m. 1st Betty Allen
and had 3 children-
1. Walter William Hardy b.1866, buried at Old Town?
2. James T. Hardy,
3. Danie Elizabeth Hardy
From Billy Parker-
I have a letter written by a Mary Ann Hardy William of Alex City ( no date but I've had
it for several years ) quote; Daniel Jackson Hardy ,Lowndes Co. Al. married Julia Elizabeth
Allen b-12-10-1839 d- 5-18-1868 ; buried near Davis Boat landing on lake Martin in Denis
2nd. Elizabeth Wickes 11-2-1871(the marriages lic. you have ) Soon after Daniel was born,
when he was only 2 or 3, his father Robert left Lowndes Co. because of his health and moved to Coosa
Co. Al.. Robert Hardy died when Daniel was still a boy. after that Daniel lived with his older brother
William A.L. Hardy until he was grown. Around 1857 he moved to Tallapoosa Co. and
lived on a farm at Ourtown (Fish Pond?), near Alexander city,Ala. She lists his children
1st, marriage; 
1-James T. 
2-Dannie Elizabeth 
3- Walter William
2nd. wife 
1- Sallie 
3-Chester Ernest.
F.Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy b. 8 Feb 1836, d. 10 May 1921 m.
Milous MEADOWS  b. 23 Aug.1834,d. 28 March 1926 CSA.  She was only 10 years old when
his mother married James Madison Bankston in January of 1846 and her children went to live
with their older brother William A.L.Hardy. Nancy Browning Hardy turned over land to
William A. L. her second son
in spring of 1846.
Meadows, Milas
Comments: The gender of Milas Meadows is male.
Spouse: Mary Hardy
Marriage Date: Oct 20, 1853
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263

G.Richard Covington Hardy b. 19 Mar 1838 He was married 1st to Elizabeth R.Works
2nd. Martha Ann(Mattie) Bryant (7-21-1881); 3rd. Mary Perstella “Polly" William (1-5-1890),
buried in the Old Hatchett Creek (Dollar) Cem. in Coosa Co. Al. He was only 8 years old when
her mother married James Madison Bankston in January of 1846 and her children went to live
with their older brother William A.L.Hardy. Nancy Browning Hardy turned over land to William
A. L. her second son in spring of 1846. In 1870 it was on his plantation near Old Hatchett Creek
(Dollar) that his mother died and was buried.
Hardy, Richard C.
Comments: The gender of Richard C. Hardy is male.
Spouse: Elziabeth R. Works
Marriage Date: Dec 17, 1857
County: Coosa
Notes: This record can be found in the County Court Records, Film # 1290263 - 1290267
H.Nathan Peebles Hardy b. 1842  died at Gettyburg CSA. He was only 4 years old when
his mother married James Madison Bankston in January of 1846 and her children went to live
with their older brother William A.L.Hardy. Nancy Browning Hardy  turned over land to her
second son William A.L.Hardy who took care of all the children except his older brother
John B. Hardy.

6. William HARDY b: 23 Apr 1785 in Edgefield County, South Carolina d 18 Jun 1842 in
Lowndes Co Al buried Old Town Cemetery, Dallas County, Al Marker states that he was from
Edgefild (sic) S.C. b-23 Apr. 1785- d-18 Jun.1842 married Mary Cartledge b: 15 JUL 1786 in
Columbia County, Georgia died 24 FEB 1864 in Lowndes County, Al buried Old Town
Cemetery, Dallas County. 
(Mary Cartledge' s father Edmund IV was a doctor and kept an accurate Bible- don't know where the Bible is 
though but his children's birthdates are accurate because of it.)
1. Sarah Hardy  b:  1807 in Edgefield Co., SC
2. Robert L. Hardy  b:  1811 in Edgefield Co., SC
3. John Hardy  b:  1813 in Edgefield Co., SC married Eliza
4. Edmund C. Hardy  b: ABT 1814 in Edgefield Co., SC
5. Ann Williams Hardy b 26 Jan 1816 Edgefield Co., SC d 21 Nov. 1852 married Boaz
6. Margaret Hardy b 12 May 1819 died 26 May 1833 in Dallas Co
7. Mary Hardy b 12 August 1821 AL d. 21 May 1865
8. poss. Arlitha who m Lewis L. Pearce
8. Martha Hardy b 1824 AL m. Peter Webster
9. Eliza Hardy AL b 1826
10. Caroline C. Jane Hardy b. 11 July 1828 AL died 12 Sept. 1856 married Joseph E.Cartledge
(Mary´s nephew b. 5 MAY 1823)
11. Amanda Frances Hardy b 3 Jan. 1833 AL d. 5 May 1863

Mary's Father: Edmund Joseph CARTLEDGE IV b: 10 NOV 1746
in Prince Frederick Parish, Craven County, NC/SC and m 5 APR 1826  second wife 
Phoebe JACOBS Note: "Edmund  was a doctor and was very popular in his day both as
a physician and surgeon. He removed to Edgefield Co SC and died there in the prime of life,
leaving a large family of whom I know nothing except that his (probably meaning the son
Edmund  born 1780) youngest daughter, Sarah (Sarah Jane Cartledge  b: 16 SEP 1824 in
Edgefield Co., SC), married a Mr. Pearce of Augusta GA and afterwards settled near
Sumpter Station, AL....a series of deeds 31 Dec 1825 and all witnessed by John Tompkins,
James Tompkins and Samuel Cartledge before Robert Jennings, J.P. - all of Edgefield District
a. To my daughter, Elizabeth Jennings [b 23 MAY 1777 w/o Robert Jennings], a deed to
5 slaves,Harry-Jesse-Jabez-Jack and Vina and also one-sixth of my personal estate.
b.  To my daughter, Mary Hardy [b 15 JUL 1786 w/o William Hardy s/o John Hardy and
Ann Williams], 5 slaves, Dock-Becca-Billy-Cretia &Prissy and also one-sixth of my personal estate.
c.  To my daughter, Nancy Martin [b 20 AUG 1774 died 17 AUG 1849 in Edgefield w/o
John Martin b 1740], 6 slaves,Jincy-Sampson-Charles-Polly-Cinda-& Joel and one-sixth of
my personal estate.
d. To my daughter in law Margaret Cartledge [b 23 JUL 1797 widow of Elihu and
d/o Joseph Cunningham and wife Sarah Hardy-d/o John Hardy and Ann WIlliams]
and her three children,Malcomb, and Joseph and Sarah Ann Cartledge, my plantation
of land on Stevens Creek adjacent to the lands of Richard Hardy. Edmund Cartledge and
the David Crawford Estate and also one-sixth of my personal estate.
This deed witnessed by Sarah Ann Cartledge, James Tompkins, and Nancy Martin.
Then an additional deed 21 July 1828 to my daughter-in-law, Margaret Cartledge, widow,
and her three children, Malcomb, Sarah Ann and Joseph .. . the 125a bought of Charles
Crawford and the 56a bought of DavidCrawford and John Tompkins. Witnessed by
Richard Hardy, James Tompkins and Robert Jennings, JP. The 5a which I cut off my
place where I live for Robert Jennings is escepted." Karen Grubaugh
Samuel Cartledge - "Cartledge/Cartlidge" database no longer on line

1818 US Census, Dallas County, Al
1820 Edgefield
1830 Edgefield
1830 Montgomery
1840 Lowndes
1850 census Lowndes Co AL
14th October 1850
House 242
Mary Hardy age 64 $1200 GA (Mary Cartledge)
Mary Hardy age 29 
Eliza age 24 AL
Caroline C. 22 Al (Caroline Jane 11 July 1828 died 12 Sept. 1856 married Joseph E.Cartledge)
Amanda F. 18 AL (3 Jan. 1833 d. 5 May 1863)
Joseph E. Cartledge 27 teaching SC (Mary´s nephew b. 5 MAY 1823)
House 243
Lewis L. Pearce (Pierce) 34 overseer SC
Arlitha (Hardy-unproven)
John PIERCE      10    b: 1840 AL
George PIERCE   6    b: 1844
Della F PIERCE    4   b: 1846
James E PIERCE   2   b: 1848
Lewis L. Pierce is possibly the son of Moses Pierce 1786 SC whose other
son may have married Sarah Cartledge d/o Edmund Cartledge of Edgefield
(Moses PIERCE b. 1796 in SC died abt 1868 Butler Co AL appeared 1820 Edgefield Co, SC
page 98, 1830 Lowndes Co, AL page 267 , 1840 Lowndes Co, AL page 234,1850 Butler Co, AL ,
1860 Butler Co. AL Page 90 )
House 272
Peter W. Webster 30 Planter $1300 SC
Martha 26 AL (Hardy, daughter of William)
House 278
John Hardy 36 Planter $400 SC
Eliza 27 GA
Matilda S. 14 AL
John J. 10 AL
Snowden W. 9 AL
Rufus W. 5  AL
James 2 AL

1850 Butler Co AL page 216 b
House 536
(This is possibly Rebecka Thigpen d/o John and Susan. She may have married once
Pearse          Francis        11    M    .                    Al
Pearse          Benjamin       12    M                         Al
Pearse          Moses          64    M    Farmer         1,200     S. Carolina
                    Rebecca        36    F    .    .     S. Carolina       .
Pearse          Adam           6     F               .         Al
Pearse          Martha         4     F              .         Al
Pearse          John           3     M              .         Al
Pearse          Joanna         1     F              .         Al
near John Thigpen b 13 OCT 1775 in Dobbs now Green Co., NC died 30 NOV 1858 and
2nd wife Susan (Susannah) Scott b: 20 OCT 1782                                    
Children (Moses had at least 2 wives) by 1st wife unknown 1. Hamblin Roper PIERCE b: 19 Jan 1813 in South Carolina 2. Lewis L PIERCE b: 1816 in SC married Arlitha (probably Hardy) 3. Charlotte PIERCE b: 1818 in Alabama 4. Charles B PIERCE b: 28 Jan 1819 5. Samuel Qualls PIERCE b: 1824 in Lowndes Co, AL m. Georgia PAUL b: 28 Jun 1832 in Butler 6. William PIERCE b: 1825 in Alabama 7. Frances PIERCE b: 1827 in Alabama by Rebecca 8. Benjamin PIERCE b: 1838 9. Francis PIERCE b: 1839 10. Adam L PIERCE b: 26 May 1845 in Lowndes, AL 11. Martha S PIERCE b: 1846 12. John Brown PIERCE b: 22 Jun 1846 in Butler, AL 13. Joanna PIERCE b: 1849 14. Agnes W PIERCE b: 1851 in Butler, AL 15. William R PIERCE Co, AL
7. John HARDY b: 30 Dec 1788 died 13 Jul 1851 in Dallas County, Alabama bur. Old Town Cemetery, Dallas County, Al married Clarissa Roebuck, d/o Robert Roebuck of Edgefield. They moved in a wagon train in 1821 thru GA to Montgomery Co AL which got divided into Dallas and Lowndes Co. AL Due to information which Carol Hardy Bryan paid for in Pointe Coupee La, which she sent me in April of 2008, I was able to solve a puzzle which had been going on for years. From Carol Hardy Bryan: The journey to this information started years ago with a newspaper obituary in the Edgefield Advertiser dated 10 Oct 1848 [sic- I found out from another source it was misprinted and really said 10 October 1855-Susan] that said a son of John Hardy died recently near Pointe Coupee, LA and that he had removed from Edgefield District, SC about 25-30 years ago. After much expenditure of funds and years of tracking I found that John Hardy died in Pointe Coupee and his children were placed under the guardianship of Richard Hardy and Hiram Watts. Richard Hardy was a brother of John (the deceased) and there was another brother named Mason (Mace) Hardy, both of whom were living in Tyler County, TX.Mace drowned in Russell's Creek 1853 and his widow Malinda Laurinda George Hardy b: 8 JAN 1824 in AL married 29 DEC 1853 [sic-turned out to be 29 Dec 1854 - 6 months after John Mason Hardy died -Susan] in Tyler Co, TX to Hiram Watts on 22 SEP 1817 in Ouachita Parish LA. Hiram and Malinda Laurinda George ended up with the surviving children of John Hardy. Per:Charles Wayne Brinkley Mason and Richard Hardy married sisters, Malinda and Angelina George. Mason and Malinda George must have been on route to Texas when they were married. Malinda was 14 and Mason was 18. They arrived in Texas in December 1838. Who was the John who had died in Pt Coupee who had a brother Richard? From "Edgefield Death Notices and Cemetery Records" by Carlee McClendon, (printed 1977) it states on page 128, notice 1067,:
A letter in our possession from a Mr. W. Langfitt, of Point Coupee, Louisiana, in which he says that a son of John Hardy, removed from Edgefield District about 25 or 30 years ago to Alabama, died recently near Point Coupee, and left considerable property....that from his statements previous to his death, the only relative he had was one sister, or her heirs, and she had married into the Matthews family in Edgefield District. ("The Edgefield Adviser," October, 17, 1855, Editorial)

Pointe Coupee Parish was created on March 31, 1807. It is one of the 19 parishes, which were created by dividing the Territory of New Orleans. The parish was named in honor of the French phrase la pointe coupee or in English, the place of the cut-off . The Parish seat is New Roads . It is borderd by Concordia Parish (north), West Feliciana Parish (northeast), West Baton Rouge Parish (east), Iberville Parish (south), St. Martin Parish (southwest), St. Landry Parish (west), Avoyelles Parish (northwest) . Cites, Towns and Communities include Fordoche, Lettsworth, Livonia, Morganza, New Roads, Chenal, Columbo, Coon, Bayou Latenache, Batchelor, Blanks, Frisco, Glynn, Innis, Jacoby, Jarreau, LaBarre, Lakeland, Legonier, Lottie, McCrea, Oscar, St. Dizier, Torbert, Valverda, Ventress . Unincorporated areas of interest.
Tyler County was created in April 3, 1846 and formed from Liberty County   Tyler County is situated in East Texas not far from the Louisiana state line.                                                      



I found an 1850 census for two brothers in 1850 which had been misindexed as"Havely." but the same children which were mentioned in the papers Carol sent were the same names in the census. Then I knew that the Mason Hardy in the 1850 census was the John who had died in LA. His name was John Mason Hardy.  
1850 : Tyler, Texas 
indexed as Havely 
house 204 
Mason Hardy 30 GA 
Malinda Hardy 17 KY 
Mary Jane Hardy 11 TX 
Jerushy Hardy 8 TX 
Cenith Hardy 5 TX 
Sarah Hardy 2 TX 
1860: Tyler, Texas 
Post Office: Woodville 
house 549 
H Wates 42 LA 
L Wates 36 KY 
C Wates 16 TX 
L Wates 14 TX 
J Wates 12 TX 
S Wates 5 TX Susan -from here down are Laurinda's children 
H Wates 3 TX 
M Wates 2 TX 
A Wates 4.12 TX 
M J Hardy 20 TX Mary Jane 
J Hardy 18 TX Jerusha 
S Hardy 13 TX Senith 
L Hardy 10 TX probably a Laurinda Hardy 

Clarissa and John's sons Richard and John Mason Hardy left Dallas Co in 1838 with brother Covington for LA afterRichard's son William Wallace Hardy was born in 1838. His daughter Mary Louise Hardy was born 2 years before that.  John Mason Hardy and Melinda Laurinda George  decided to marry on the way.  He married on his way from Al to Texas in Sumter Co AL -2 counties west of Dallas Co Texas where his father John Hardy lived.

His family said Mace (Mason Hardy) died 1853 in Runnells Creek in Tyler TX but over the years the story may have been changed a little. He died 27 July 1854. Why did they take him north to Hopkins Co.TX for burial? it may be he died there.  I am sure he died in a Creek but probably not Runnels unless it runs all the way up to Hopkins Co. and he got washed up there. John Mason Hardy was hard working and ambitious and was apparently travelling back and forth between Point Coupee LA and Tyler, Texas  
where his brother lived and where John Mason Hardy’s children were born. 
He moved back to LA by 1852 from Texas, according to court papers which 
reveal the first rental year He had 6 slaves who
helped him. 
This county was direct west from Tyler Texas. His children were all born in Tyler Co, except for 
William W, but he rented the plantation called the Old Courtney Plantation or sometimes the Old Decuire Plantation in Chenel,
Pt Coupee LA. 
John M."Mace" Hardy m. 19 NOV 1838 age 18 to Melinda Laurina George age 14 b 1824, d/o Aaron George. I would guess Aaron George and wife 
were in the wagon train. Following are a few excerpts of papers Carol Hardy Bryan sent me:

Please note that spelling of names are highly inaccurate due to the poor handwriting 
“the minor Hardy children, MARY L., LERURAH, LEARUTH, P. AND SARAH HARDY. - filed 28 May 1855.
”Peition of RICHARD HARDY and Hiram Watts, guardians of the minors, Zurith (Senith) and Lenthia and
____ Hardy, requesting that, per decree of court in suit entitled "Richard & als vs. William Langfitt, Admr.
" slaves belonging to Estate of John Hardy be turned over to them, and for certain sums of money. 
It probably reads Mary J., Jerushah, Seneth P. and Sarah Hardy. There is also a Lurith or Laurinda who is a baby born 1851.
Richard married Angeline George (b 31 Aug 1818 Caldwell, KY, sister to Laurinda - her father Aaron
George b. 19 Nov 1800 in Kentucky was in Perry AL in 1830 which is next to Dallas AL
where the Edgefield Hardys lived.Marriage 2 in POLK, TEXAS to ANN PETERS. I would guess
that he and his little brother John Mason hardy traveled with Covington first to LA.
Covington must have stopped at his father's place in Dallas Co AL and Richard and John
got the bug to go with him, not having seen Covington in awhile. In 1838 on the way they married
the daughters of Aaron George. probably stopping in Minden, Claiborne LA for awhile.
Known children of John Hardy and Clarissa Roebuck- there are probably more than this.
  1. Has Children William Williams HARDY b: 30 Jul 1809 in Edgefield County, South Carolina d 31 Jan 1882 Dallas County, AL) m Elizabeth Wilson (near John Hardy Jr in 1850 as WW Hardy Jr)
  2. Richard “Redirk” HARDY 1811 Edgefield SC died before 1880 TX m. 1st 18 Dec 1835 in SUMTER, ALABAMA  Marriage 2 in POLK, TEXAS to  ANN PETERS  
     a. Mary Louise Hardy 1835
     b. William Wallce 1837
     c. John 1839
     d. Permece 1843 or Pernice Peronelia
     e. Andrew G. 1845
     f. Thomas J. 1856
     g. Martha Ann 1858
     h. Mary 1858
    1850 Tyler, Texas
    house 203 indexed as Havely
    Rich Hardy 39 SC
    Angeline Hardy 32 KY Angelina George Hardy
    Wm W Hardy 13 AL
    John Hardy 11 TX
    Pemeca Hardy 7 TX
    Andrew G Hardy 5 TX
    1860: Tyler, Texas
    Post Office: Woodville
    R Hardy 47 SC
    A P Hardy 26 SC Ann Peters Hardy
    J Hardy 18 TX John
    P Hardy 16 TX Pernice?
    A Hardy 13 TX Andrew
    S Hardy 12 TX Sarah is the daughter of John Mason Hardy
    T Hardy 4 TX Thomas
    M A Hardy 2 TX Martha Ann
    M Hardy 2 TX Mary
  3. Has No Children Lucinda HARDY b: 9 Aug 1815 in Edgefield County, SC d 5 Jun 1853 Caddo Parish, LA m. Rev. Jesse Lee
  4. Has Children Washington HARDY (not a son, proven to be from the Jesse Hardy line of Bertie NC- his mother was a Golding, see Alabama Notes Pt lV) b: ABT 1816 in Georgia married 1st Smyley and 2ndm Elizabeth Landrum (1850 Washington Hardy, Pine Flat, Dallas, AL abt 1816 Georgia)
  5. John Mason HARDY called "Mace" Hardy
    born ca 1821 GA He drowned 27 July 1854 and his estate was settled by Richard Hardy and Hiram Watts. 
    a. Mary Jane (b 20 Jan 1840, d 10 Aug 1916 Grimes, EX) married 8 Jun 1859 George Washington Raley.
    b. Jerusha Hardy (b abt 1842) m. 4 Mar 1860 Ransom F. Powell
    c. Senith Phoebe (b abt 1847) m. 9 Aug 1866 Joseph Lamb
    d. Sarah M. Hardy (b 4 Jan 1849, d 26 Sep 1936 Chester, Tyler, TX) m. 20 Sep 1866 Hiram Powell.
    e. Laurinda or Lenthia 1851
    1850 : Tyler, Texas
    indexed as Havely
    house 204
    Mason Hardy 30 GA
    Malinda Hardy 17 KY
    Mary Jane Hardy 11 TX
    Jerushy Hardy 8 TX
    Cenith Hardy 5 TX
    Sarah Hardy 2 TX
    1860: Tyler, Texas
    Post Office: Woodville
    house 549
    H Wates 42 LA
    L Wates 36 KY
    C Wates 16 TX
    L Wates 14 TX
    J Wates 12 TX
    S Wates 5 TX Susan -from here down are Laurinda's children
    H Wates 3 TX
    M Wates 2 TX
    A Wates 4.12 TX
    M J Hardy 20 TX Mary Jane although she is already married in 1849 according to family
    J Hardy 18 TX Jerusha- she left the house to marry Ransom Powell on March 4
    S Hardy 13 TX Senith Phoebe
    L Hardy 10 TX probably a Laurinda Hardy (Sarah is with Richard)
  6. Has No Children Thomas Allen HARDY b: 22 Dec 1822 d 16 Aug 1887 buried Old Town Cemetery, Dallas County, AL
  7. Has No Children Covington R HARDY b: 23 May 1826 in Washington, Texas m. Elizabeth Jane Vickers
    1880: Smith, Mississippi
    Covington R. Hardy 59
    Elisabeth K. Hardy 44
    Eliza Ann Hardy 21
    Judon Hardy 29
  8. Has No Children Jessie R HARDY b: 1827
  9. Has No Children Daniel M HARDY b: 10 Nov 1831 in Alabama d 22 Nov 1852 Dallas County, AL
  10. Has No Children Eldred W HARDY b: ABT 1833 in Lowndes, Dallas County, Alabama
    d 3 Jan 1855 Lowndes County, AL) m Sarah Ann Sherrer
  11. C. A. Hardy about 1835 female
Susan I have a fun addition for you and please let me know if you know which "son" they are talking about. From "Edgefield Death Notices and Cemetery Records" by Carlee McClendon, (printed 1977) It states on page 128, notice 1067:

A letter in our possession from a Mr. W. Langfitt, of Point Coupee, Louisiana,
in which he says that a son of John Hardy, removed from Edgefield District about 25 or 30 years ago to Alabama, died recently near Point Coupee, and left considerable property....that from his statements previous to his death, the only relative he had was one sister, or her heirs, and she had married into the Matthews family in Edgefield District. ("The Edgefield Adviser," October, 17, 1855, Editorial)

Which son died in Point Coupee? Answer: John Mason Hardy.
8. Covington HARDY There are pages on internet which state that Covington was
b. 1 JUN 1789 in Edgefield District, South Carolina but this is impossible since his brother John Hardy before
him was born 5 months before him 30 Dec 1788. His mother Ann would have had to be pregnant the month
after giving birth and the baby Covington born 5 months premature which was impossible in those days.
However, if his brother William´s birth date is incorrect, it is possible.  This says to me there arae 2 Covingtons
and they have to be separated.  Covington married Elizabeth Howerton who supposedly died  13 Jul 1851 Dallas,
AL (no proof for this) a year after the 1850 census . They moved to Claiborne Parish, Minden, Louisiana living
in Claiborne, LA in 1838  and were in the 1840 census, and his wife Elizabeth and his two younger children
(Covington and Frances) were living without a man in Bienville Parish, LA (southwest of Caliborne)
at the time of the 1850 census.

              Claiborne Parish was created from Natchitoches Parish
by Act No. 42 of the Louisiana General Assembly approved March 13, 1828,
from Natchitoches Parish and the parish was named in honor of Governor of
Louisiana William C. C. Claiborne. The parish seats have been located in
Russellville (1828-1836), Overton (1836-1846, in present day Webster
Parish), Athens (1846-1849), now known as Old Athens), and Homer
(1849-present). The courthouse at Old Athens along with all parish
records were destroyed by fire on November 6, 1849. The Parish seat
is Homer. In 1849, Homer was chosen as the parish seat and the first
courthouse was in such poor condition that lawyers and their clients had to
camp out in the neighboring woods. The current courthouse was built in 1860
It is borderd by Columbia County, AR (northwest), Union County, AR (northeast),
Union Parish (east), Lincoln Parish (southeast), Bienville Parish (south), Webster Parish

Covington must have died in the 1840s as so many of our Hardy men.I speculate that in 1843, as well as
1851 the fevers came to the South. Richard Hardy the first born died 1843. Daniel died 1843. Mary Ann died 1851.
Robert W. died 1843. William died  1842. John died 1851. Covington also probably died in the 1840s since
he does not appear with his wife in the 1850 census. The Covington who died in 1865 in GA must be the
son of another branch of Hardys.
Children- birth dates from Bible records of family (not in my possession)

Marriage 1 Elizabeth Howerton b. 1794 VA Death:  13 JUL 1851 in Dallas County, Alabama
Home in 1850    Western District, Bienville, Louisiana
Elizabeth Hardy     56 VA
Cuvington Hardy     24 SC
Francy Hardy     16 SC
1. Eldred Leland HARDY b: 14 SEP 1813 in Edgefield Co SC Death:  1 DEC 1876 in Mt. Lebanon, Bienville Parish
(next to Claiborne), Louisiana
d. 12/1/1876 m. Mary Ann Brown 5/17/1827-8/8/1912  
2. Richard Fuller HARDY b: 11 FEB 1815 in Edgefield Co SC
m. 12/10/1835 Edgefield Co, SC to Julia Ann Lanier b. 12/20/1818
3. William HARDY   b: 23 AUG 1817 in Edgefield Co SC burial:  Minden Cemetery, Webster Parish, Louisiana
b: ABT 23 Aug 1816 Edgefield d. 8/24/1888 Minden, LA  [Cem]  m.1. 11/5/1840 Jeanette Celia Kennon b. 10/8/1821 GA
d. 6/20/1855 Minden, Claiborne LA m.2. 1/17/1858 Mary Elizabeth Little b. c1824 LA, Lucy Jeanette Hardy m. Americus Augustus Cornett. 

"My great-great grandfatherwas William Hardy b. Aug 7, 1816 in South Carolina 
and that was taken fromour Cornett family Bible which was originally started 
by my great grandmother, Lucy Jennette Hardy, wife of Augustus Americus Cornett.
  If anyone knows about any of his brothers or sisters I'd appreciate any info. 
I still have a Kate E. Hardy who died Apr 7, 1875 in Alleyton TX and a Thomas W. Hardy who died April 15, 1898 near Texarkana TX.
Thanks for your help.
Pat Ulrich"
1850 Township 19 Ward 4, Claiborne, Louisiana
Wm Hardy     34 SC
Janett D Hardy  26 GA
Lucy J Hardy     6 LA
Thos Wm Hardy  2 LA died 1898
Catharine E Hardy 0 AL died 1875
4. Martha Ann HARDY b: 11 FEB 1818 in Edgefield Co SC, Burial:  Gilgal Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana
d. 12/9/1887 Minden, LA  [Cem]  m. 1/21/1836 Robert Hightower Burnett
5. John HARDY b: 16 JUL 1820 Edgefield SC
6. Catherine Elizabeth HARDY b: 9 APR 1822 Edgefield SC
7. Covington HARDY b: 23 MAY 1823 Edgefield SC married Susan Harris?
8. Frances HARDY b: ABT 1833 Edgefield SC F. Covington Hardy notes from Carol Hardy Bryan in Edgefield SC
Source: "Mount Moriah Baptist Church of Christ", Richard C. Gibson, Phd, P 296 - Big Stevens Creek Baptist Church Minutes extracted from microfilm at Furman University - COVINGTON HARDY was Baptized in Nov 1809. He must have been 18 at that point?

Source: Edgefield County Deed Book 31, Page 309
Benjamin F. Harris to William Lyon of Richmond County [Georgia], Deed of Conveyance, 1 Aug 1810, one thousand two hundred dollars, 60 acres bounded by Butler, Hiram Howard Chavers Creek; also 126 acres adj Samuel Barett, COVENTON HARDY, reference to deed Seth Howard to sd Harris. Witnessed by W. S. Johnson, Edward Rowell, Signed Benj. F. Harris. Proven 13 Feb 1813 by W. S. Johnson; Michael Brown J. P. Recorded 3 May 1813.

Source: Edgefield County Deed Book # 32, Page 464
COVINGTON HARDY and John Traylor to John Day all of Edgefield District SC sold for three hundred and eighty one dollars a tract of land on the waters of Cheves Creek, bounded on the east by Joshua Day, Clacker, road, Thomas Norris and containing seventy five acres. Signed on 23 Jun 1815 in presence of Daniel Hardy, Robert Hardy. Ann Traylor relinquished her dower in presence of John Torrance 4 Nov 1815. ELIZABETH HARDY relinquished her dower before John Torrance 4 Nov 1815. Sworn to by Daniel Hardy before Charles Hammond, JQ 30 Dec 1815 and recorded 5 Feb 1816.

Source: Edgefield County Deed Book # 48, Page 490 - Deed from COVINGTON HARDY to Robert Hardy - COVINGTON HARDY of Edgefield District, SC for $1500.00 from Robert Hardy of Talidega (sic) County, Alabama sells a 239 acre tract with the exception of an acre reserved for the church where Hardy's Meeting House now stands. Land situated in Edgefield on Stephens Creek waters of Savannah River and bounded by lands of Lewis Curry and Abner Delaughter - dated 9 Oct 1837 - Witnesses - Jas M. Harrison, Sampson Sullivan - ELIZABETH HARDY, wife of COVINGTON HARDY, relinquished her dower rights same day.

Source: "A Walk Up martintown Road", Claude M. Hill, an article in "Ancestoring", by the Augusta Genealogical Society, pgs 67-73

Note: Virginia Peek told me that Covington [Jr.] and his sister Frances lived near Sparta [Ms.] in 1823. Covington and Frances were not born yet- maybe the date should be 1832

Source: Edgefield County Deed Book # 45, Page 436 - Deed from COVINGTON HARDY to Henry W. Barnes and Mary Ann Moseley, lawful representatives of the estate of Alexander Stewart dec'd all of Edgefield District SC for nine hundred dollars plantation containing one hundred and forty three acres lying on the waters of Stephens Creek founded by David Bunch, John Taylor, Estate of Stewart, John Moore - 15 Mar 1832 - Witnessed by Richard Hardy and Elbert Devore - Thomas Hibbler, Justice of the Quorum - ELIZABETH HARDY, wife of COVINGTON HARDY, relinquished her dowery - Recorded 16 Mar 1832

Source: Edgefield County Court Records -
11 Jun 1832 In 6 or 7 years ago John Mosely in copartnership with Alexander Stewart purchased of COVINGTON HARDY a tract of land bounded by John Moor and John Grayton and land once belonging to the estate of Alexander Stewart containing one hundred fourty three acres. Purchasers went into possession of the land, but letter may have never been executed. After purchase John Mosely conveyed his rights and Alexander Stewart died in possession of land and left a will dividing his lands: to his wife for life and at her decease to be divided between his daughters - one lived with John Mosely, the other with Henry Barnes. Stewart's wife died and Mosely's wife also died leaving one child. According to the will, Harry Barnes and his wife are entitled to 1/2, John Mosely 1/3 of other 1/2 and his child the other 2/3's. COVINGTON HARDY has said he never conveyed the tract first mentioned and had recently paid ??? made title without consideration to Harry Barnes. Mosely is a minor under 14 years. She has no guardian and John Mosely is asking for appointment as her guardian.

Source: "History of Bienville Parish", Vol. I 1984 - January 6, 1836 - The church received as members: COVINGTON HARDY, ELIZABETH HARDY, Eldred Hardy (son), John Hardy (son), Catherine Hardy (dau ) and Martha Howerton.
Vol. II, P 112 - "5 May 1838 - "The church then went into an election for Treasurer and brother C. Hardy was elected, whose duty it shall be to furnish the emblem of the Lord's broken body and spirit blood for the table at all times."
Aug, 1838 - Saturday before the 1st Sabbath in August Church met in conference. ..."It was considered expedient to send a delegation of five brethren, viz: Jeremiah Burnett, COVINGTON HARDY, William Logan, James Canfield, James Howerton and R. H. Burnett, S. Quarles in case of failure to attend the Louisiana Concord Missionary Association at Mt. Ariel on Thursday before the 2nd Lord's Day in October. Brethren C. Hardy, James Canfield, S. Quarles was appointed to write the association letter."
Page 114, October 5, 1839 - "Church met in conference...On motion the Church took up the case of moving the Church to Mt. Lebanon, and it was thought expedient and prudent to move the Church to Mt. Lebanon and Brethren R. Drake, J. Howerton, J. W. Quarles, T. A. Key, C. HARDY, and S. Quarles be appointed to attend to the building of a church and disposing of the land. On motion, resolved that three acres of land be leaved out and reserved for the burying ground. C. Hardy, Moderator Protem. S. Quarles C. C.
Saturday before the 1st Sabbath in November Church met in Conference and appointed Brother C. Hardy moderator to supply the vacancy occasioned by the death of Brother William Logan. Brother Canfield and Key's case came up and postponed until next Conference occasioned by the absence of Brother M. Canfield."

Source: Notes from P. J.[the Secretary of the Mt. Lebanon Historical Society] August 4, 1993 - May 5, 1838 COVINGTON HARDY was elected treasurer of Mt. Lebanon Church.

Source: "History of Louisiana", Bienville Parish, page 152 - "Township 17, Range 6, was opened in 1823...Eldred Hardy...purchased land here...Township 17, Range 7 was proclaimed for sale in 1834...In 1834-36...Covington Hardy made [his] purchase."

Source: Pat Ulrich from Internet = Pat Ulrich @
5323 Vista Glen, San Antonio, TX 7824
She descends from Lucy Jeanette Hardy.

How John Hardy's 1300 acre Plantation in Edgefield District SC was divided at the estate settlement in 1804.

The first drawing has an 1804 date on it.

The second one 1 January 1828 says the plat shows the land "formerly
held by the late John Hardy dec'd but now resurveyed and subdivided
amongst his six sons situated on Sweet Water in Edgefield District----"
It has Nancy Hardy's "x" mark dated 1 January 1828 and is the sale of Robert's original portion combined with 2
portions he bought from his brothers Richard and Covington before they left for Alabama. The total was 685 acres.
On that day he also completed the transaction of another 450 acre property. Another property of 61 and a half acres
was found in the books by Carol Bryan in Edgefield. I have no idea how large his total holdings were, but it was at
least 1200 acres. Robert W. Hardy married Nancy Peebles Browning on 31 JUL 1823 in Montgomery Co AL before
the county was divided.  She was the daughter of JOHN BROWNING of Greene Co GA Company: 2 REG'T
(JENKIN'S), GEORGIA VOLS. AND MILITIA. Rank In: CAPTAIN Rank Out:  CAPTAIN Roll-Box: 27 Roll-Rec: 2704.
Her mother was Nancy Peebles. Take note that William Hardy had the land with "the white house." It looks like it
was an L shape with a back narrow wing. It is on Five Notch Road near the fork in the road and before Sweet Water
Creek which appears after the fork in the road.

This is the record of the sale on January 1, 1828 at which time Robert and Nancy traveled to Edgefield SC.

Nellie Mae Sellers Newton of Pinson AL sent me this Robert Hardy will.